The Clark Public Utilities Board of Commissioners meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. Periodically, special meetings or workshops are scheduled in addition or in place of regular meetings. Current meeting agendas and minutes are posted below.


Clark Public Utilities Board of Commissioners
July 17, 2018
9:00 a.m.

1.Consideration of the Agenda (Action)
2.Public Comment – Non-Agenda Items
3.Consideration of the Minutes of July 3, 2018 (Action)
4.Consideration of Accounts Payable (Action)
5.Employee Service Award
– Director of Engineering – Cal Morris
– Director of Operations – Dan Krebs
6.J.D. Power Presentation
– J.D. Power Industry Analyst – Carl Lepper
7.Consideration of Update to the Distributed Generation and Net Metering Policy (Action)
– Matt Babbitts
– Bart Hansen
8.Consideration of Resolution Pertaining to Water Leak Adjustments (Action)
– Senior Legal Counsel – John Eldridge
9.Consideration of Resolution Revising the District’s Personnel Policies and Procedures (Action)
– Senior Legal Counsel – John Eldridge
10.Commissioner Reports and Comments
11.Staff Reports
12.Recess to Executive Session in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act
– RCW 42.30.110 (1) (g) – To evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment or to review the performance of a public employee.
13.Reconvene Public Meeting
14.Other Business to Come Before the Board

*Please note meetings will be held at the following location:

Community Room
Electric Center
1200 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, WA 98663

Please note that beginning April 17, all commission meetings will be held in the Community Center at the Electric Center location, located at 1200 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 98663.


Meeting Minutes