Meeting of Commissioners of
Public Utility District No. 1 of Clark County, Washington
June 15, 2021

A meeting of Commissioners of Public Utility District No. 1 of Clark County was held at the Electric Center, 1200 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, Washington, on Tuesday, June 15 2021.

Present: Assistant to CEO/General Manager Margaret Anderson.

Present via digital conference (phone or video): President Jim Malinowski, Vice President Nancy Barnes, Secretary Jane Van Dyke Commissioners, CEO/General Manager Lena Wittler, Director of Finance Melissa Ankeny, Director of Energy Resources Dan Bedbury, Director of Information Services Jeff Groff, Director of Engineering Cal Morris, Director of Employee Resources Nichole Reitzenstein, Director of Customer Service Lisa Fix, Manager of Energy Services Debbie DePetris, Energy Resources Program Manager Matt Babbitts and Media Specialist Dameon Pesanti.

Press representatives: None

Others present via digital conference (phone or video): Don Steinke, Cathryn Chudy, Monica Zazueta, Mellissa Ahern and Rick Marshall.

At 9:00 a.m., President Malinowski called the meeting to order for the transaction of formal business. Commissioner Malinowski noted a quorum was present and the agenda was approved as presented (Materials A).

Public Comment
Member of the public Don Steinke provided comment on building codes, battery storage and ground source heat pumps.

Member of the public Cathryn Chudy provided comment on our recent Energy Advisor article and fuel switching.

Member of the public Monica Zazueta provided comment on the utility’s electric vehicle rebate program and her concerns surrounding dirty energy.
If members of the public have provided the utility with written comments, copies of these comments in their entirety may be obtained by contacting Margaret Anderson at [email protected] or 360-992-3378.

Consideration of the Minutes of June 1, 2021
There were no changes.

Consideration of Accounts Payable
The board, by a unanimous vote, approved the following payment amounts as listed on the Letter of Transmittal dated June 15, 2021 from the District Auditor (Materials B):

Electric Revenue Fund – $4,583,458.31
Water Revenue Fund – $766,109.43
Generating System Fund – $700,202.35

For a total of $6,049,770.09

Consideration of Resolutions of Intent to Establish LUD Nos. 1409 and 1411
Director of Engineering Cal Morris addressed the board regarding the Intent to Establish Local Utility District Nos. 1409 and 1411.

Resolution No. 7661 – LUD No. 1409 – Fifth Plain Creek East
Resolution No. 7662 – LUD No. 1411 – Fifth Plain Creek West PH 1&2

After the presentation by Mr. Morris, Commissioner Malinowski opened for public comment. There being no comment, a motion was made by Commissioner Van Dyke, seconded by Commissioner Barnes, and unanimously carried that Resolution Nos. 7661 and 7662 be adopted and a public hearing was set for July 20, 2021 (Materials C).

Consideration of Low Income Thermostat Program Changes
Manager of Energy Services Debbie DePetris addressed the board (Materials D). Ms. DePetris provided a review of the Low Income Thermostat Program, outlining thermostats that were installed, energy savings achieved, the amount of funding spent to date and the obstacles encountered in 2020. Staff is recommending discontinuing the program and transferring the remaining funds to a new Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Program Fund account to be used for compliance with board approval.
Commissioner Van Dyke moved to authorize the discontinuance of the Limited Income Thermostat Program and authorizes the transfer of the remaining program funds to the newly created CETA Program Fund account. In addition, any thermostats that cannot be distributed to utility customers using a method that provides the utility with verified energy savings are hereby declared surplus. Commissioner Barnes seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Transportation Electrification Plan and Electric Vehicle Program Update
Energy Resources Program Manager Matt Babbitts addressed the board (Materials E). Mr. Babbitts reviewed the program launch at the beginning of April that was a coordinated effort between Energy Resources, Engineering and Communications. Year to date updates were provided on EV-Go, customer incentives and the used electric vehicle purchase incentive programs.

Mr. Babbitts provided insight on potential program enhancements in 2021 and the preparation already occurring for Phase II in 2022.

The board thanked staff for the update and appreciates the work being done to stay on top of the ever changing technology surrounding electric vehicles.

Commissioner Reports and Comments
Commissioner Barnes reported on her attendance at the Public Power Council meetings and the Pacific Northwest Utility Conference Committee.

Commissioner Van Dyke reported on her attendance at the Washington PUD Association Strategic Planning meeting.

Staff Reports
There were no staff reports.

Public Comment
There were no public comments.

Other Business before the Board
There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 10:06 a.m.