Who We Are

For 85 years, Clark Public Utilities has maintained a commitment to delivering safe and reliable electric and water service at cost. As a nonprofit Public Utility District, affordable rates and exceptional customer service remain priorities with a focus on continuous improvement in all areas of operation. We provide electric service to more than 235,000 customers throughout Clark County, and water service to over 40,000 homes and businesses in unincorporated areas.

Your Nonprofit Customer-Owned Utility

Learn more about the Clark Public Utilities team, processes, and history, and find public documents and information about your public utility in Clark County.


Secure, Resilient, and Scalable Infrastructure

As an at-cost electric and water provider, we plan, construct, and maintain reliable systems for flexible operation today and into the future.


Strategic Resource and Policy Planning

Learn how we plan for the future and comply with local, state, and federal requirements.


Serving and Engaging Our Customer Owners

As a publicly owned utility, we are committed to helping our communities thrive and giving back to our customers.


Engaged and Invested Workforce

We attract and support a diverse team of talented, skilled employees committed to serving our customers.