About Start/Upgrade Electric Service Project

Building a new home? Changing or upgrading your current electric service? We’re available to help throughout the process, but here’s a place to start.

Contact Construction Services

Contact Construction Services

To get the ball rolling on your electric service project, give us a call.

Please contact us or call 360-992-8558 during business hours.

Getting Started is Simple

To request new residential electric service, there’s a few easy steps to follow.


Initiate a new project by filling out a new project form.

  • Initiate New Project
  • Only financially responsible parties can initiate the process to install new services, and a site plan is required.
  • Commercial projects require review by Clark Public Utilities Engineering Department. Contact construction services for further information.

Obtain an electrical wiring permit from:


Work with Clark Public Utilities to develop a new electric service design

  • The project must be approved by the utility before the project begins

Call 811 two days before you or your contractor plans to trench or excavate.


Install approved secondary cables and materials that meet Clark Public Utilities standards and are approved for use


Discuss any changes to the design with your Clark Public Utilities residential planner

  • Variances from the original design will not be connected without prior approval from a utility representative.

Call for an electrical inspection


Once your service has been approved, backfill the trench.


When the trench is backfilled, call 360-992-8839 and reference your project number to notify Clark Public Utilities that you are ready to be scheduled for connection

Installation Guides

Here are some helpful guides, material specs and project requirements.

Underground Secondary Service

Secondary Trenches

Secondary Pedestal and Tagging


Some building and remodeling forms can be submitted online. Here are common requests.

New Service Request

Did You Know?

All new and upgraded secondary electrical work requires an electrical work permit and inspection by either the City of Vancouver or the Washington Department of labor and Industries.

 Find approved contractors.

Schedule Unlocks, Disconnects, Reconnects

Unlocks, Disconnects, Reconnects

Ready for us to help? Let us know what you need and we can schedule your job.


Schedule an Inspection

Temporary Service for Building

During residential construction, a temporary electric service can be installed at the site.


Approved Contractor List

Approved Contractor List

Find an high voltage installation contractors or energy efficiency contractor participating in the utility’s Contractor Network.


See Current Electric Fees

Current Electric Fees

Here’s a list of current fees and charges for new or upgraded electric service.