If you are a primary electrical contractor and you are ready to schedule a primary inspection (primary, trench, conduit, cable or transformer make up), please contact the Operations Office at 360-992-8839.

All electrical equipment and wiring on the customer (load) side of the meter (including the service mast of an overhead service) is owned and maintained by the customer. The customer is responsible for facilitating all repairs, upgrades or changes to customer-owned electrical equipment. Utility personnel are not allowed to perform any work on the customer (load) side of the meter base. The homeowner may request a disconnection of service to allow electrical work inside their meter base or home. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the project complies with all federal, state and local codes that apply.

The local inspection agency requires that the customer obtain an electrical work permit prior to starting the project and that this permit is posted at the job site while the work is being done. All electrical work performed on customer equipment requires an electrical inspection from the inspecting agency with jurisdiction (Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, or City of Vancouver).

For secondary electrical permit related inspections and questions, please contact the permitting agency with jurisdiction.

Within the city limits of Vancouver, Contact the City of Vancouver Electrical Department:

Outside of Vancouver City limits, contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries:

When adding load to an existing service the utility will disconnect the service and/or remove the meter allowing the customer or electrical contractor to make the final terminations inside a self-contained meter base, prior to the electrical inspection. After the work is complete, and has passed inspection, contact Construction Services at 360-992-8558 and we will re-energize the service.

NOTE: Only authorized Clark Public Utilities personnel shall unlock, remove and re-install meters.