Outsmart Energy Waste and Lower Your Electric Bill

Spending less on energy may be easier than you think. Even small changes can deliver real savings—check out these simple tips to reduce energy waste and lower your bill. And if you’d like to  see what an energy overhaul can do for you, we offer many programs to help make your home both energy-efficient and comfortable.

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Understanding Your Home Energy Use

When you know how much energy you’re using and how much it costs, you can consistently reduce energy waste and lower your monthly bill. Learn more now with these guides:

Rebates and Incentives for Making Energy-Efficient Upgrades

We offer a variety of rebates and incentives for customers making energy-efficient upgrades, including:

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Remodeling Your Home?

Starting a construction project, adding outdoor lighting or making other upgrades? Let us help you reduce waste and costs.

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Knowledge Is Power

Our resource center has up-to-date information on reducing home energy waste, using energy and water wisely, preparing for emergencies, producing your own energy and more. Check out these popular topics:

Is Rooftop Solar Right for You?

Can the sun do more to brighten your day? Many local homeowners use rooftop panels to offset energy costs with solar energy. See if solar is a good fit for you.

Update Your Home for Energy Efficiency

Our top tips will help you keep your home cozy when cold weather rolls in. See how you can eliminate drafts, seal doors and windows, and more to stay comfortable.

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Our energy counselors are available Monday–Friday during business hours to answer questions about home energy use and help you reduce energy waste. Call us for advice or to set up an in-home energy review. Please call 360-992-3355 to make an appointment.

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