A happy familyThe New Homes Performance program was introduced in October of 2017 and offers incentives to builders who increase the energy efficiency of newly built homes at least 10% above current Washington State Energy Code standards. Homebuyers have the opportunity to purchase a home from a participating builder that is constructing homes to this higher standard. Homebuyers also have the opportunity to work with a participating builder to help choose which energy efficient measures will be incorporated when building a custom home. To qualify for this program the home must be 3rd-party certified to assure that all of the programs requirements were satisfied.

Washington State’s Energy Code is one of the strictest energy codes in the nation and already has many energy efficiency requirements that builders have to adhere to. So adding another 10% actually takes a great deal of effort by the builders. In addition to the savings customers receive on their energy bills, homes built to higher standards of energy efficiency are more sustainable, build better neighborhoods, and lessen the environmental impact of the home.

Since the program’s inception in October 2017, over 400 homes have been built to at least 10% above the standard with builders receiving paid incentives.

There are many energy efficiency programs available that builders can choose to participate in. A great source for information on energy efficient building in the northwest is www.betterbuiltnw.com

The following links from Better Built NW are great sources of information on energy efficient construction:


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Another source for information in Clark County is offered by the Southwest Washington Building Industry Association. A group of local professionals has formed the Green Building Council for the sole purpose of cultivating, unifying and promoting the green building industry in Clark County. www.vancouvergreenbuilding.com

If you’re considering building, or buying a newly built home, consider choosing a home built to the energy efficiency standards of Clark Public Utilities New Homes Performance program. You will find a list of the builders participating in the program below.