We use an online system to make it easy for current and potential vendors and service providers to do business with us.

On these web pages you can:

Access Online System

It is possible to view some information without registering but you must be a registered user to take advantage of most of the functions of the Business to Business web pages.

Suppliers & Contractors
If you’re a supplier or contractor interested in selling us products or services, you’ll want to register online so you can be considered for inclusion on our list of qualified suppliers and contractors and be eligible to submit bids.

Professional Engineering & Architectural Services
Professional engineers and architects also may register online. Properly licensed and qualified firms may register, submit and maintain an online form that utility employees will use to select engineering and architectural firms to provide services as needed, in accordance with state law.

Public surplus items available at online auction site
We are now selling surplus equipment and materials online through a third-party website, Public Surplus. Anyone can bid on the items, but you will need to register with the site. The website was designed for public agencies to be transparent and accessible. It’s also used by Washington state and the City of Vancouver.