This handbook provides information regarding current Clark Public Utilities standards, diagrams, and specifications for approved high voltage contractors. The information in this handbook is also part of Clark Public Utilities’ Construction Standards book.

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Section Description Last Revised Date
Streetlighting1000 TOC.pdf AL100FL, AL200FL, AL400FL - Area Light - Flood Light Installation - Wood Pole Mounted.pdf AL100HL - Area Light - High Light Installation - Wood Pole Mounted.pdf DL100A - Decorative Area Lighting - Single Acorn Fiberglass Pole.pdf DL100AT - Decorative Area Lighting - Twin Acorn Fiberglass Pole.pdf DL100SH - Decorative Area Lighting Shepherd's Hook.pdf SL - General Streetlighting.pdf SL100-SL400 - Streetlight Luminaire Installation - Wood Pole Mounted.pdf SL100FW - Area Light - Floodlight Installation - Wood Pole Mounted.pdf SL100P3 - Post Top Luminaire with Fiberglass - Direct Burial Standard.pdf SL100SA-SL400SA - Streetlight Installation - Single Arm Aluminum Standard - 25ft or 32ft Mounting Height.pdf SL100SF-SL400SF - Streetlight Installation - Single Arm 29ft 8in Fiberglass Standard.pdf SL150D-SL400D - Streetlight Installation - Twin Arm Aluminum Standard - 32ft Mounting Height.pdf SLARM4-SLARM22 - Streetlight Mast Arm Installation - Wood Pole Mounted.pdf SLF - Streetlight Foundation - Steel 6in Dia..pdf SLPT - Streetlight Pole Tagging.pdf SLR - Secondary OH to UG Riser Assembly - For Streetlight Feeder.pdf07/24/09
Underground General and Trenching1200 TOC.pdf UA1 - Basic Trench Requirements.pdf UC1 - Conduit Requirements.pdf UD1 - Directional Boring Specifications.pdf UVE1 - Underground Vault - 120V Wiring.pdf UVSP1 - Underground Vault Sump Pump.pdf03/15/10
Underground Risers, Cable, and Connectors10/31/17
Underground Transformers and Clearances03/14/14
Underground J-Boxes and Vaults1500 TOC.pdf UE14 - Secondary J-Box - 17 x 30 x 18in Deep.pdf UJ1 - Primary J-Box 1ph.pdf UJ3 - Primary J-Box 3ph.pdf UJ5 - Primary 3ph Padmount - J-Box Boxpad.pdf UJM - Primary J-Box - 1ph & 3ph Materials List.pdf ULE - Loop Enclosure.pdf UVG1 - UG Vault Grounding System.pdf01/01/16
1000 MCM Cable03/15/10
Underground Secondary Connections1700 TOC.pdf UB30, UB40, UB50, UB60.pdf UBDR - 120V & 240V Temporary Pedestal Mounted BDR.pdf UED6 - Secondary Pedestal Assembly.pdf US-1 - UG Secondary Splice.pdf US6 - Padmount Transformer Assembly Single Phase Secondary.pdf US35-38 - Secondary Connectors - 3ph Padmount Transformers.pdf05/30/07

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