Considering solar? Take these five steps before signing a contract!

  1. Determine if solar makes sense for your home using the Google Project Sunroof website that will analyze the annual hours of usable sunlight your home’s roof will receive during an average year. Large trees directly south of your home will negatively impact solar generation.
  2. Ensure you are not over paying for a solar system by collecting three bids from three different solar installers.
  3. Complete the Clark Public Utilities Solar Payback Calculator to learn the return on investment timeline for the solar bids you received.
  4. Review the Washington Solar Consumer Protection Act Checklist.
  5. No solar contractor works with or for the Utility.  If they claim to, please call or email us at 360-992-3244 or [email protected].

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Save on Your Electric Bill with Solar

Harnessing the power of the sun continues to gain interest in Clark County. For customers planning to install a solar energy system, we can help with connection to our system and answer your questions along the way.

Renewable energy systems consist of a generator (rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels), an inverter to convert the output into usable energy, and sometimes a battery storage component. Solar systems are the most common renewable energy technology installed by individual customers in Clark County.

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Current Solar Incentives

Incentives and benefits available now for installing a solar power system include:

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