Helpful Utility Bill Details

Electric service is billed monthly based on a monthly meter reading. If you’re a water customer, your meter is read every other month and the usage will be reflected on every other utility bill.

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See What’s Inside

You’ll find plenty of useful information in your bill along with the payment stub:

Your Electricity Use

The shaded box displays information about your current billing period. It includes your present and prior meter readings, your usage for the billing period and details showing how the bill is calculated. You’ll see the basic service charge, covering the fixed cost to deliver electric service, and the cost of each kilowatt-hour (on electric bills) and cubic foot (on water bills) in the calculations.

Total Cost this Billing

In this section you’ll find a listing of each of the services you’re billed for, the city tax collected (if any), and your total bill amount.

Account Summary

This box shows a summary of activity related to your account.

Compare Your Use

This is a section showing your past usage so you can compare your usage between billing periods. Your current billing period and the “year-ago” period are highlighted in bold type for easy comparison.

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