Protect your home by sealing leaks and adding insulation—that’s what weatherization is all about. Proper insulation prevents heat loss and reduces the amount of heating and cooling you need to remain comfortable all year long.

Should You Invest in More Insulation?

Currently, all new homes are required to have R-49 insulation in the ceiling (13 inches of cellulose insulation or 20 inches of fiberglass insulation) and R-30 insulation in the floor (a 10-inch batt of insulation) over unconditioned space.

How much more insulation you need depends on the cost of the fuel you use to heat your home. From a purely financial standpoint, the less you pay for heating fuel, the less it makes sense for you to invest in more insulation. For example, homes that were built in the 1960s and 1970s had little insulation because the cost of fuel didn’t justify much of an investment in insulation. As heating costs increase, it makes more financial sense to increase insulation.

Weatherization Incentives
We offer weatherization incentives for making improvements to existing homes and manufactured homes that are electrically heated.

Windows with U-factor < or = 0.30*
Windows with U-factor < or = 0.22*
Pre-condition: single—any frame; double —metal frame
Post-condition: U-factor < or = 0.30, < or = 0.20—any frame
$6.00 per square foot
$8.00 per square foot
Floor Insulation
Pre-condition: existing insulation of R-11 or less for single family homes and existing insulation of R-7 or less for manufactured homes

Post-condition: insulation installed up to R-19, R-25, or R-30
$0.75 per square foot
Attic Insulation
Pre-condition: existing insulation R-19 or less
Post-condition: insulation installed up to R-38 or R-49
$0.75 per square foot
Wall Insulation
Pre-condition: not previously performed, existing insulation = R-0
Post-condition: insulation installed up to R-11
$1.20 per square foot
Duct Sealing - Prescriptive$200
Duct Insulation
Pre-Condition: Existing duct system uninsulated in unconditioned space
Post-Condition: Insulation installed to a minimum R-11
$0.60 per linear foot
Attic Air Sealing$100
Crawl Space Air Sealing$100
Whole House Air Sealing$300
Energy Star Exterior Insulated Door$40 per door

Incentives for Existing and Manufactured Homes
Our incentives program reimburses a portion of your weatherization expenses. To qualify for incentives, the weatherization work must be done by a contractor participating in our Contractor Network.

Low-income Weatherization Program
We partner with Clark County to offer a low-income weatherization and ductless heat pump program for eligible residents. Both owner-occupied and rental homes, including manufactured homes, are eligible for the program if income guidelines are met.

Multi-family Property Weatherization Program
We offer a variety of weatherization rebates for owners of electrically heated multi-family buildings (five or more dwelling units and dwelling units must be stacked) in Clark County. Rebates are available for windows and insulation upgrades.

Your energy savings and project costs will vary. Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. We do not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. We make no express or implied warranties of these products or installations. There are limits to rebates and grants (when available).

*“U-factor” is an efficiency measurement: the lower the number, the more energy-efficient the window will be. Windows must be installed in a conditioned space.