Meter Unlocks and Service Disconnects

There are many reasons a property owner may want to change or upgrade and an existing electrical service. Each project differs and has many variables and requirements.  A service may be failing (partial power, brown outs, water leaking in around overhead mast) antiquated (no main breaker, screw-in style panel fuses, knob and tube wiring through-out the house) , undersized for an expanding household or an overhead feed when an underground service is preferred.

In the State of Washington a licensed and bonded electrical contractor or a property owner may perform work on customer owned equipment, such as the meter base and wiring from the load side meter lugs into the panel and branch circuits throughout the structure.  Permits, inspections and current NEC code applies to all work done on customer equipment, including the change out of an electrical panel main breaker.

Homeowners doing their own work and the home is occupied

Call us to schedule a disconnection of service.  Please allow at least two business days when calling to schedule. We will ask for your electrical work permit and if you have scheduled a same day electrical inspection with the Inspecting body with jurisdiction.  Before the service can be reconnected at a site where the home owner is doing their own work, an electrical inspection approval is required.

If the home is not occupied, is a shop, barn or other outbuilding the service will be reconnected after the electrical inspection approval is received.

Electrical Contractor doing electrical work

The property owner is asked to contact us to authorize the disconnection of service for work to be done.  The electrical contractor or owner, can then schedule a day and time for a meter unlock or a disconnect and reconnect.  We will ask for your electrical work permit prior to scheduling the disconnection or meter unlock. Please allow at least two business days when calling to schedule.

In Clark County, Permits and Electrical inspections can be obtained from the inspecting body with jurisdiction over the area where the job site is located.

Within the city limits of Vancouver, Contact the City of Vancouver Electrical Department:

Outside of Vancouver City limits, contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries: