Customer Owned, Customer Driven

As a public, non-profit utility, our priorities reach beyond delivery of services to responsible stewardship of the communities we serve. Programs and initiatives range from limited-income assistance to environmental restoration with an unwavering focus on doing what’s right for Clark County now and into the future. With customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s true when we say, “We’re always here!” Come see us Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at  our Vancouver Service Center located at 1200 Fort Vancouver Way, or our Orchards Service Center located at 8600 NE 117th Avenue.

Clark Public Utilities is committed to responsible stewardship of all utility resources. From our people to our habitat, the work to deliver safe and reliable electricity and water is done with sincere and sustainable care of our natural environment and in service to a healthy, thriving community.

Community Partnerships and Events

As a public utility, giving back to our community is part of what we do everyday. From hosting school field trips to planting native trees and pollinator gardens, our community and environmental stewardship programs are designed to make Clark County an even better place to live.


Environmental Stewardship

StreamTeam, our volunteer-driven stream restoration program, works to improve salmon habitats through streambank repair, invasive plant removal, and native tree planting.


Career Outreach and Student Education Programming

Part of planning for a vibrant, innovative future in the utility industry is preparing young people for a variety of careers in electric and water service. From science, technology, engineering, and math to creative services and the skilled trades, Clark Public Utilities is invested in sparking interest from today’s students, who will become tomorrow’s workforce.


A collection of educational and fun activities related to electrical safety, the science of electricity, renewable energy, water quality, our local environment, and more. Designed to be appropriate for a variety of ages and grade levels, there is something for everyone!


Student Tours

Our student education program brings nearly 4,000 fourth- and fifth-grade students from all over Clark County to our operations facility every school year. The tour features a video presentation providing background information about the utility, a walking tour of the warehouse, recycling area, truck bays, a lesson on electrical safety, and much more.


Community Engagement

As a public utility owned by the people of Clark County, customer voices are valued and help shape the direction and priorities of utility operations. The elected board holds regular meetings open to the public, and many planning processes include public comment or engagement with community partners, agencies, governmental organizations, and local leaders. If you have questions regarding policy planning, please email us at [email protected].


Local Support and Investment in Conservation, Efficiency, and Safety

Meet our Key Account team and learn how they help businesses in Clark County with energy efficiency.

Every bit of energy saved is energy that doesn’t need to be generated, purchased, and delivered to homes and businesses. For this reason, energy efficiency is the least expensive way to meet the evolving needs of our community, and the utility offers a variety of programs to support customers who choose to make the homes and businesses of Clark County more efficient.