Meeting of Commissioners of
Public Utility District No. 1 of Clark County, Washington
February 2, 2021

A meeting of Commissioners of Public Utility District No. 1 of Clark County was held at the Electric Center, 1200 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, Washington, on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Present: Assistant to CEO/General Manager Margaret Anderson.

Present via digital conference (phone or video): President Jim Malinowski, Vice President Nancy Barnes, Secretary Jane Van Dyke Commissioners, CEO/General Manager Lena Wittler, Director of Finance Melissa Ankeny, Director of Information Services Jeff Groff, Director of Energy Resources Dan Bedbury, Director of Operations Gene Morris, Director of Customer Service Lisa Fix, Director of Engineering Cal Morris, Director of Water Doug Quinn, Director of Communications Erica Erland, Director of Employee Resources Nichole Reitzenstein, General Counsel John Eldridge, Senior Manager of Communications Heather Allmain, Events and Marketing Specialist Maxie Mayer, Energy Resources Program Manager Matt Babbitts, Customer Experience Manager Cameron Daline, Enterprise Architect James Ellis and Media Specialist Dameon Pesanti.

Press representatives: None
Others present via digital conference (phone or video): Don Steinke, Alona Steinke, Cathryn Chudy, Jean Avery, Randal Freidman, Melissa Ahern, Donna Sinclair, Carl Lepper, Leona Wear and Rick Marshall.

At 9:00 a.m., President Malinowski called the meeting to order for the transaction of formal business. Commissioner Malinowski noted a quorum was present and the agenda (Materials A) was approved.

Public Comment

Member of the public Don Steinke provided comment on hiring staff to prepare for the future and to work on conservation and the utility’s plans for an electric vehicle program. Mr. Steinke would like us to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in our hiring processes.

Member of the public Alona Steinke commented on improving internet access in the county and House Bill 1336.

Member of the public Randal Freidman provided comment on his dislike of Clark Public Utilities Integrated Resource Plan, proposed Transportation Electrification and EV Programs and a continued frustration with staff responses to emails with comments and offers from customers to assist staff in doing utility work.

Member of the public Cathryn Chudy provided comment on climate action, reduction of carbon footprint and the proposed Transportation Electrification and EV Programs.

Member of the public Rick Marshall provided written comment, but did not make verbal comments during the public meeting.

If members of the public have provided the utility with written comments, copies of these comments in their entirety may be obtained by contacting Margaret Anderson at [email protected] or 360-992-3378.

Consideration of the Minutes of January 19, 2021

There were no changes.

Consideration of Accounts Payable

The board, by a unanimous vote, approved the following payment amounts as listed on the Letter of Transmittal dated February 2, 2021 from the District Auditor (Materials B):

Electric Revenue Fund – $24,936,330.83 Water Revenue Fund – $182,290.67 Generating System Fund – $497,304.39

For a total of $25,615,925.89

J.D. Power Presentation

Carl Lepper, J.D. Power Utility Practice Director, addressed the board (Materials C). Mr. Lepper gave an overview of the categories included in the 2020 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study and discussed where Clark Public Utilities ranked in each of those categories, both in the West and nationally. He congratulated the utility on being named highest in customer satisfaction among mid-size utilities in the West, for the thirteenth year in a row. Electronic communication and transportation electrification are areas that Mr. Lepper indicated customers are becoming increasingly interested in and where the utility has an opportunity to increase satisfaction.

Consideration of Bid Award No. 607 – Line Clearance: View #1, #2 and #4

Director of Operations Gene Morris reviewed the memo dated, February 2, 2021 detailing the bid results (Materials D). Commissioner Van Dyke moved to recommend that Bid No. 607 be awarded to the low evaluated bidder Kemp West, Inc., in the amount of $394,200.00, plus applicable taxes. Commissioner Barnes seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Consideration of Bid Award No. 608 – Gas Turbine Inlet Filters

Director of Operations Gene Morris reviewed the memo dated, February 2, 2021 detailing the bid results (Materials E). Commissioner Van Dyke moved to recommend that Bid No. 608 be awarded to the low evaluated bidder American Air Filter International in the amount of $155,804.00, plus applicable taxes. Commissioner Barnes seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Consideration of Establishment of LUD Nos. 1398 and 1403

Director of Engineering Cal Morris addressed the board regarding the Establishment of Local Utility District Nos. 1398 and 1403.

Resolution No. 7646 – LUD No. 1398 – Plateau Manor Resolution No. 7647 – LUD No. 1403 – Glenwood Hollow PH 3B

After the presentation by Mr. Morris, Commissioner Malinowski opened for public comment. There being no comment, a motion was made by Commissioner Van Dyke seconded by Commissioner Barnes, and unanimously carried that Resolution Nos. 7646 and 7647 be adopted. (Materials F).

Review of Transportation Electrification Plan and Electric Vehicle Program Concepts

Energy Resources Programs Manager Matt Babbitts reviewed the utility’s Transportation Electrification plan and electric vehicle program concepts (Materials G). Mr. Babbitts provided the board with a review of the budget, timeline and the transportation electrification (TE) plan. Following a review of the TE plan, a detailed outline of the electric vehicle program matrix was discussed which provided the board with potential emission reduction outcomes. This program would roll out over two phases and would be evaluated at the end of the year.

The board thanked Mr. Babbitts and the rest of staff for the detailed presentation and looked forward to customer input and feedback along with consideration of plan adoption at an upcoming meeting.

Commissioner Reports and Comments

Commissioner Barnes reported on her attendance at the Washington PUD Association legislative updates.

Commissioner Van Dyke reported on her attendance at the Columbia River Economic Development Council meetings.

Commissioner Malinowski reported on his attendance at the Energy Northwest Board Meeting.

Staff Reports

Director of Water Doug Quinn provided the board with an update on the agreements to provide water to the Cities of Ridgefield and Battle Ground. These agreements have the two cities sharing the costs of the second well at Paradise Point.

CEO/General Manager Lena Wittler provided an update on staff’s work to-date on the broadband feasibility study, several experts are recommending a third party study with costs expected to exceed $100,000 for this type of evaluation.

Marketing and Events Specialist Maxie Mayer provided a recap of the Race for Warmth. Although virtual due to the global pandemic, the seventh annual event raised over $33,000 in participation. Burgerville brought in just under $10,000 in additional donations from their restaurants.

Public Comment

There were no public comments.

Other Business before the Board

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 12:07 p.m.