In keeping with our commitment to transparency and excellent customer service, we invite our customer-owners in Clark County to participate in the conversation around both the development of the utility’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and the rulemaking process related to Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) compliance. This webpage will host public comments submitted via both pages, along with responses from staff as appropriate. Utility policy and direction is determined by the elected board of commissioners and implemented by staff. Many variables impact power planning so please note both comment and response dates and source when reviewing entries on this page, as responses or positions may shift.

Submitted 1/17/2020 via IRP status page

I am very concerned about climate change and it’s impact on communities and believe we must act now to make changes to renewable, non polluting sources for our power. I applaud the steps CPU has already made, especially encouraging conservation. What additional steps is CPU doing to add solar and wind or other less impactful sources to its roster?

Clark Public Utilities currently serves customer retail load with electricity that is 65% to 70% carbon free depending upon the year.  You can see all utilities’ fuel sources for the state of Washington here:

The majority of the remainder of our supply that does produce GHG emissions is from our combined cycle combustion turbine (CT) generating plant.  Of course, we wish it did not produce any CO2, but a consolation is that it emits about 40% of the emissions that a coal-fired plant produces per Megawatt-hour.

We are currently taking actions to green up our retail load by bringing more wind generation to load than we have in the past.  Additionally, we run our CT only when it makes economic sense and with the thought that when it is not running we are buying power from the market with less emissions per MWh such as wind or hydro.

Per recent state legislation called the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), we will be moving toward a carbon neutral supply portfolio in 2030 and by 2045 we expect to serve all of our load with carbon free electricity.  This integrated resource plan is a step in that direction.

You can learn more about CETA on our website here: