About Solar Net Metering

The utility offers a net metering program for owners of solar energy systems that allows you to “store” the power produced for future use, if the amount generated is more than you need at that time.

Utility customers who own solar generators with a capacity of 100 kilowatts or less are eligible to participate in our net metering program. Proposed solar generator systems with a capacity of 26-100 kilowatts require additional information and approval.

To receive credit for the electricity produced, net metering customers will need to complete an interconnection agreement and have the system inspected by utility personnel. Following inspection, a new electronic meter will be installed to measure the property’s electric use as well as the energy contributed to the utility grid.

Current Program Status

Steps to take

  1. Read the customer generation interconnection standards to become familiar with any additional required components for your system.
  2. Use the net metering checklist as a guide.
  3. Complete the interconnection application and net metering agreement and send the information to Attn: Energy Resources, Customer Generation, Clark Public Utilities, PO Box 8900, Vancouver WA, 98668. Or send via email to [email protected]