About the Program

In an effort to cut energy waste and reduce customer bills, we are providing qualifying customers with an installation of a free smart thermostat and LED lights over the next 12 months on a first come, first serve basis. To let customers know they qualify, we have sent out postcards informing them of the program.

All of our conservation programs aim to reduce energy use, improve safety and comfort, and yield significant savings for years to come. All of our residential rebates & loan programs can be found here.

To Qualify for This Program:

Some eligible participants are identified through energy assistance programs administered by Clark Public Utilities. Those with gross income at or below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level are referred to the program based on these requirements:

  • You must be a Clark Public Utilities customer and listed on the electric account
  • You must have electric heat (gas customers do not qualify)
  • Your primary heating system must be an air source heat pump or an electric forced air furnace (photos seen below). Homes with Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump systems as their primary heating system do not qualify as they are not compatible with Smart Thermostats.
  • You must live in a single family or manufactured home
  • Home owners and renters can both qualify for the program. If you are a renter, we will also require a copy of your rental agreement along with a pre-signed form from your landlord authorizing the Nest thermostat installation. The installer will provide the necessary form for signature prior to your appointment and gather the needed items at your installation appointment.
  • If you already have a Nest or Ecobee smart thermostat installed in your home, you do not qualify for this program.

Does My Household Qualify?

Postcards are mailed to qualified customers. For customers who have not received a postcard and think they meet these qualifications, please fill out the NEST Qualification Form. If you qualify, please allow up to 6 weeks for your application to be processed and to receive a postcard in the mail.

Please see below for Spanish and Russian translated qualification forms that can be downloaded or printed.

NEST Qualification form – Spanish

NEST Qualification form – Russian

Program Income Requirements

Household SizeMax Monthly Income
For each additional person in the home, add $1,474.

What does the Program Provide?

Customers will receive a Nest E Smart thermostat AND up to 10 LEDS installed in accessible sockets. Our installation contractor can schedule the installation within 7 business days of the date you make contact with them unless a longer timeline is requested by you. Installations typically take 1-2 hours and there will be up to two contractors in your home. A Clark Public Utilities Energy Counselor may also be present to complete a quality assessment. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange for one to be on the phone when you call our contractor and also at the installation appointment via video conference.

*Please note: The property owner acknowledges the previously installed thermostat and bulbs will be removed from the household and recycled by the installer. Any replacement of the new smart thermostat (except warranty replacement) and LED bulbs is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant.

How to Prepare for the Installation

Please clear access to your heating system and your thermostat. If you have Wi-Fi, please have the password ready and download the Nest App on your smart phone or tablet. If you’re a renter, we require the homeowner’s signature on the installation form as well as a copy of the rental agreement before the installation can be scheduled.

Learn More

For more information on nest thermostats, click here. If you have already received a postcard and are ready to schedule your installation, call the contractor listed on the postcard. If you believe you meet the qualification for this program, fill out the form at www.clarkpublicutilities.com/nestqualify. If you have questions, please contact our TSTAT team at [email protected] or call 360-992-3347.

*Example of a forced air furnace

*Example of a heat pump