*This program officially closed in 2021.  Please direct any questions to our Energy Counselor of the Day at [email protected], 360-992-3355, or visit our smart thermostat rebate page here.*

Program Summary

Beginning in 2019, Clark Public Utilities launched the limited income thermostat program which offered qualifying customers the installation of a free smart thermostat and efficient LED lightbulbs in an effort to cut energy waste and reduce customer bills. Over the course of the program, a total of 456 smart thermostats were installed. This program, along with the savings achieved from the concurrent line-voltage thermostat program, resulted in enough energy savings to power 45 homes in Clark County for one year. After being temporarily suspended in March 2020 due to COVID-19, the limited income thermostat program officially ended June 2021.

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All of our conservation programs aim to reduce energy use, improve safety and comfort, and yield significant savings for years to come. All of our residential rebates & loan programs can be found here, including a rebate on smart thermostats.

The limited income smart thermostat program officially closed in 2021.

This video is a helpful guide to better understand the Nest thermostat and its functions. For further information or questions please contact the Energy Counselor of the Day by emailing [email protected] or by calling 360-992-3355.