How We Assess Power Resources

Resource planning is one of our most important tasks, as the cost of our power supply requires nearly 70 percent of the electric utility budget.

Fortunately, our area is served largely by clean, renewable hydropower. About two thirds of our supply comes from the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency that markets hydroelectricity created by dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers. Another third of our power comes from the River Road Generating Plant, a combined-cycle combustion turbine fueled by natural gas. Located in Vancouver, it was completed in 1997.

For details on our power supply planning, check out our current planning documents:

2016 Integrated Resource Plan
Conservation Potential Assessment
Integrated Resource Plan Progress Report
Cover Sheet

If you have questions, please contact the Energy Resources Department.

Fuel Mix

We have a diversified power supply to meet your needs.

Clark Public Utilities' 2017 Energy Resources
Hydro62.8 percent
Natural Gas28.7 percent
Coal2.1 percent
Nuclear5.9 percent
Other *0.5 percent
* "Other" includes biomass, other non-biogenic, and petroleum.