Assistance Remains Available

10/1/2021 – A message from Lena Wittler, CEO and General Manager

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained committed to keeping our customers connected. Assistance programs were expanded to allow more customers in need of support to qualify and flexible, long-term payment arrangement options were implemented for all customers. These changes remain in place and our staff are trained and empowered to help find solutions to each unique situation.

More than a year ago, Governor Inslee issued Proclamation 20-23, prohibiting utility disconnection due to non-payment. Prior to the moratorium we voluntarily stopped all service disconnections and up to this point no customers have been without power or water unless requested for a vacant property or to ensure safety. While the state proclamation prohibiting disconnection expired September 30, I want you to know we have many ways to help address past due bills and are committed to working with you to keep the lights on.

If you have not been able to pay your bill, now is the time to contact us. We have a long history in this community of bill assistance, flexibility and approaching all our customers’ needs with empathy. Customer Service is available by phone any time day or night at 360-992-3000 or at [email protected].

Lena Wittler, Clark Public Utilities CEO and General Manager

Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, cumplimos nuestro compromiso de mantener conectados a nuestros clientes. Expandimos los programas de asistencia para permitir que más clientes que necesitaban ayuda pudieran calificar y se implementaron opciones de pago flexibles y a largo plazo para todos los clientes. Estos cambios permanecen vigentes y nuestro personal está capacitado y empoderado para ayudar a encontrar soluciones para cada situación única.

Hace más de un año, el Gobernador Inslee expidió la Proclamación 20-23, prohibiendo la desconexión de los servicios públicos por falta de pago. Antes de la moratoria, nosotros, de forma proactiva y voluntaria cesamos todas las desconexiones de servicios, y hasta la fecha, ningún cliente se ha quedado sin luz o agua a menos que fuera en una propiedad vacante o por cuestiones de seguridad. Aunque la proclamación del estado prohibiendo las desconexiones expiró el 30 de Septiembre, deseo hacerle saber que tenemos muchas maneras de ayudar a manejar las cuentas pendientes y estamos comprometidos a trabajar con usted para mantener sus luces encendidas.

Si no ha podido pagar su factura, ahora es el momento de ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Tenemos un largo historial de asistencia con las facturas en esta comunidad, de flexibilidad y de tratar todas las necesidades de nuestros clientes con empatía.

Servicio al cliente está disponible por teléfono a cualquier hora del día o de la noche en el 360-992-3000 o en [email protected].


Lena Wittler, CEO y Gerente General de Clark Public Utilities

Во время пандемии Covid-19, мы продолжали выполнять обязательства по подключению услуг для наших клиентов. Мы расширили программы поддержки для того, чтобы большее количество клиентов, которым требовалась помощь, могли получить право на нее, а также мы внедрили для всех наших клиентов гибкие, долгосрочные варианты оплаты. Все эти изменения остаются в силе, а наши сотрудники обучены и в силе оказать помощь в поиске решений в каждой отдельной ситуации.

Более чем год назад Губернатор Инсли издал Постановление 20-23, запрещающее отключать коммунальные услуги за неуплату. До введения моратория мы активно и добровольно приостановили любые отключения сервиса за неуплату, и до текущего момента никто из клиентов не оставался без воды или электричества, за исключением запросов при освобождении помещения или для сохранения безопасности. Хотя закон штата, запрещающий отключение, истекает 30 сентября, я хочу, чтобы вы знали, что у нас есть много разных способов помочь в оплате просроченных платежей и мы будем продолжать работать с вами, чтобы у вас был свет.

Если у вас возникли трудности в оплате счетов, сейчас самое подходящее время, чтобы связаться с нами. В течении долгого времени в этом сообществе нас знают за поддержку оплаты счетов, за гибкость и за сопереживающее отношение к нуждам наших клиентов.

Служба поддержки клиентов доступна по телефону в любое время дня и ночи по номеру 360-992-3000 и по электронной почте: [email protected].

Лена Виттлер (Lena Wittler), Генеральный директор Clark Public Utilities


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What We Are Doing

Clark Public Utilities is committed to continuing to provide steady, safe service and responding to outages as quickly as possible. Here is the latest information regarding our response to COVID-19:

  • Criteria for our payment assistance programs has been expanded and customers experiencing financial crisis should call.
  • In person customer service remains closed but phone, email and online options are available 24/7, as they always are. Just reach out, we’re available.
  • All energy assistance appointments (or any other appointments with utility employees) are being conducted by phone, and will continue to be until the situation changes. Payment assistance remains available and these processes can be done without in person contact, so please call if you have questions or concerns.
  • We are translating as much information into Spanish and Russian as possible, but phone translation can be arranged for any non-English speaking customers. Just call and ask.

We are continuing to carefully balance the work required to maintain our high level of service (both safe and reliable water and electricity, as well as 24 hour customer service on the phone and email) while keeping our customers and employees safe. We will continue to make adjustments as needed to provide the support both customers and employees need to stay healthy. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we continue to navigate through this time.

What You Can Do

Manage your account remotely with these convenient options:

  • Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone at 360-992-3000.
  • Managing your account is easy and secure anytime using MyAccount. Visit to pay your bill and explore payment options such as AutoPay
  • For non-urgent questions or requests you can email us at [email protected]

Criteria for our payment assistance programs has been expanded. Click here for more information about financial assistance or give us a call, 24 hours a day, at 360-992-3000.

If you see our crews or employees in your neighborhood, please wave and smile but observe the six-foot social distancing recommendation to keep everyone healthy. Field employees are taking care to stay clear of customers and sanitize in line with recommendations.

Outages should be reported as usual to 360-992-8000 or online using the outage reporting tool. Steps have been taken to ensure these critical employees continue this work along with our other first responders doing vital work in our communities. Please do not all 911 for power outages unless there is a fire, injury or immediate danger. If you see a downed power line, just stay far away from the line and call 360-992-8000 or 360-992-3000.

While we are fully prepared to continue providing service, it is always good to be ready for possible power outages by preparing an emergency kit. Visit for a list of supplies and tips to stay safe and comfortable during a power outage.

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