How We Ensure Reliable and Safe Electric and Water Systems


Resilient Electric Service

We work proactively year-round to maintain the most reliable electrical system possible. To help prevent tree-related outages, we have replaced many miles of overhead transmission and distribution lines in heavily wooded areas with tree wire. Tree wire is wrapped in a nonconductive coating that helps prevent outages caused by limbs and branches on lines, and dramatically improves reliability in rural areas.

We also have a robust vegetation management program. Each mile of overhead line is trimmed every three years to help keep our equipment clear. It’s one reason Clark County often fares much better than other utilities in the area during extreme weather events. See a tree that needs attention now? Let us know here.

In some areas of Clark County, aging underground cable is buried directly in the dirt. It’s protected from wind and rain but can also fail and cause outages. To help prevent these issues, we inject silicone into the lines to extend cable life by at least 20 years.


Safe, Quality Water

Clark Public Utilities’ water supply meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements, and our top priority is to maintain an excellent level of quality in the water you drink.

We regularly test all our wells and distribution system to make sure our water is as pure as possible, adding only a trace of chlorine necessary to ensure it is free of harmful bacteria. We don’t add any other chemicals to the water you drink. Learn more about our commitment to water quality.

Improvement Projects

Clark Public Utilities invests in year-round system monitoring to identify and repair aging equipment in efforts to prevent outages before they happen. Because of these efforts, our electric and water systems are of the most reliable in the region.

Our crews and contractors work year-round throughout the county on equipment and system upgrades. Information about larger infrastructure projects may be listed below. If you received a postcard about work happening in your neighborhood, but do not see the project details listed here, please call our 24hr Customer Service team at 360-992-3000 for more project-specific information.

Lakeshore/Hazel Dell Water System Improvement

NW 99th St and NW Lakeshore Ave.

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Vegetation Management

Vegetation management plays an important role in maintaining the reliability of our system. 

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