Just over 300kW of the system’s capacity are available to business and government customers to purchase in “units.” Each Unit represents 500 watts of the system’s capacity and they’re being sold at $850 per unit. “Mini-Units” are also available for just $85. Though mini-units do not result in yearly generation credits, customers will receive a participation sticker to display in celebration of their contribution to this local and renewable solar generation project.

Watts/UnitRetail Cost/UnitUnit Volume Available
50 (mini)$85300

Participants will collect annual energy credits that will be applied directly to their Clark Public Utilities account. The value of the annual energy credit is determined by how much electricity a participant’s portion of the project produces each year.

Business/Government Participants – Each kWh generated by a participant’s portion of the system will be multiplied by the current business (Sch. 034) energy rate (currently $0.077 per kWh), and credited to their specified Clark Public Utilities electric account annually.
Example: Your portion of the system generates 1,000kWh in 2024 at the utility rate of $0.077 per kWh, your 2024 energy credit is $77.00
*Note, if electricity rates change in the future, the rate used to calculate participants’ annual energy credits also changes.

The federal government offers a 30% tax credit for individuals and businesses that participate in community solar projects. Further, the Inflation Reduction Act creates a new direct-payment option for certain entities, such as municipalities, that do not pay federal taxes which allows these organizations to collect the 30% tax credit. We recommend all customers considering participation in the project consult with a tax professional for more details on applicable federal tax credits as directed in the participation agreement.

The return on investment for a business or government participant is 13.43-years (assuming the participant collects the 30% federal tax credit.)

Participation fees can be paid by check or cash. Payment plans are available to allow customers to spread the participation cost over 12 months, in four quarterly payments beginning following official sign-up, with no additional convenience or interest fees. Details on payment options are included in the formal participation agreements.

For more details, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.