Welcome to Community Solar

Community Solar is a different model for solar energy. Instead of putting a solar array on your own home or business, which often requires ownership, the right sunny location, a load bearing roof and significant upfront investment, Community Solar brings together a group of participants to build one larger solar array, and all participants benefit from the renewable energy generated.

Clark Public Utilities’ Solar Generating Projects

Can solar power work in Clark County?

The short answer? Yes! But how well depends on a variety of factors including location and system maintenance. Despite our cloudy cover, the Pacific Northwest averages more sun exposure than Germany, the world leader in solar energy. By sharing the cost to build the array in an appropriate location, and maintain it properly, the investment often pays back quicker than individual systems.

Benefits of being a participant

Rooftop solar, along with the benefits of net metering (the billing methodology that credits customers for all solar electricity generated by their system, whether consumed at the customer’s home or delivered back to the utility grid), isn’t an option for all customers in Clark County. This may be due to the physical structure of the home or business, the location or landscape (shade trees or inappropriate roof angles), or because a customer is renting the home or commercial building. Community Solar projects offer “virtual net metering” that allow customers to participate in a renewable and carbon-free energy solution that pays them back with financial energy credits towards their electric bill. For most participants, annual energy credit amounts are based on subscription level, and will be provided for the life of the system.