What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a sharing model for harnessing solar energy. Installing a solar array on an individual home requires home ownership, the right sunny location, a load-bearing roof and a fairly large upfront investment—but Community Solar allows a group of participants to build one larger solar array.

Community Solar Project

Quick Facts

  • Approximate number of homes powered annually by Community Solar: 30
  • Total number of Community Solar participants: over 700
  • Average number of units purchased by each participant: 10 units
  • System Size (all five community solar sites): 319,000 watts

Our Solar Arrays

Funded by participating customers, Clark Public Utilities has committed to build and maintain five Community Solar projects adjacent to one another on-site at the utility Operations Center in Orchards. The location was chosen for its prime solar exposure, visibility and cost-effective proximity to existing electrical infrastructure. The arrays began generating electricity to the Clark Public Utilities electric grid in June 2015. Participants will receive state production incentives and energy generation credits on their bills based on the number of units purchased.

Estimate Annual Community Solar Incentives

Updated monthly, this interactive tool will calculate the annual state solar incentive and utility generation credit for each Community Solar project.

Try the Calculator

Community Shareholders

All residential customers of Clark Public Utilities were eligible to purchase one unit, equal to 1/12 of a solar panel at a cost of $100, or up to 100 units of the Community Solar Project; the first project sold out on the first day. Based on demand, four more projects were developed and units sold out in less than one month.

Community Solar Benefits

For the life of the solar projects (estimated to be 20 years) participants will receive an annual bill credit for the percentage of energy generated. Through the year 2020, participants will also receive a Washington State Production Incentive specifically for Community Solar.

The Community Solar array is also the biggest in Clark County and provides educational benefits as well as clean, local, renewable energy in our community.