Solar Energy Program

We offer loans to help you invest in solar technology for your home, including rooftop solar systems and solar water heaters. In addition to providing technical assistance and a list of contractors participating in our Contractor Network, we’ll review and approve the installation contract and process your loan application. The contractor you select will secure the necessary building permits and install your solar system.

Solar Car Challenge

Hundreds of students from local elementary, middle, and high schools participate in the Solar Car Challenge. Held every spring, teams of students race custom build hybrid solar cars, testing their knowledge of renewable energy and engineering.

Heat Pump Program

We loan homeowners 100 percent of the cost of installing your heat pump, up to $20,000. We also have many incentives available which can be credited against your loan amount when documents are signed. Replacing an older heating system with an energy-efficient heat pump will improve the comfort in your home and conserve energy. All electrically heated homes, including manufactured homes, are eligible for our heat pump financing program.