Sweet Spot Skirts Lights Up its Flagship Store

Sweet Spot Skirts is sewing itself a bright future in downtown Vancouver. And using energy efficient lighting in its flagship store has helped make the showroom shine while lowering energy costs at the same time.

How Clark Public Utilities Helped:

  • Upgrade lighting in work areas
  • Improve retail floor visibility

The Challenge

The downtown area is booming with small, local business. But many of the buildings are older and the systems and lighting are old and outdated. When Sweet Spot Skirts chose their location in a beautiful brick building, they also knew some upgrades would be needed. By switching the lighting in the store to energy efficient LEDs they not only saw immediate energy savings, but the options available made it easy to fine tune the color of the lights to make the products look the very best possible!

Dick Hannah Dealerships

“When we work with large industrial businesses, there is a lot of opportunity for huge savings. But with small commercial spaces like Sweet Spot even little changes can make a huge impact on the bottom line.”

Bart Hansen
Utility Commercial Accounts Manager

The Solution

Working with Clark Public Utilities Sweet Spot was able to cut 2,825 kWhs out of the electric bills every year, saving $246 annually. The project will pay for itself in 1.1 years and we continue to identify opportunities for the future. Upgrading thermostats or installing ductless heat pumps are good next steps, and a utility Key Accounts Manager can assist businesses throughout the process.

The lighting upgrade replaced a mix of existing incandescent and fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures across the interior of the buildings. To start, the Key Accounts Manager visited Sweet Spot Skirts and did a lighting assessment on the spot. Once the business provided the a small amount of documentation needed, Clark Public Utilities took it from there and processed the incentive, equal to half the cost of the investment in new lighting. The process was simple and provided a significant value for the customer with little up front cost.

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