Requirements and Specifications

This measure applies to existing buildings only. Hotel rooms are not eligible.

Pre conditions:
Qualifying connected thermostat applications have the following characteristics:

  • Heat type is electric or gas, and
  • Replaces an existing thermostat that is not web enabled.

Post conditions:
Installed connected thermostats must include the following features:

  • Limited duration occupied-period override,
  • Multiple set-back schedules with energy-saving temperature set-points during unoccupied periods including evenings, holidays and breaks,
  • The supply fan is scheduled to operate continuously during occupied periods, and to operate in “auto” mode during unoccupied periods,
  • Remote, web-based monitoring and programming, and
  • Battery and memory back-up to retain settings during power or internet losses.

Only products listed on the BPA Qualified Products List will qualify for incentives.

Qualifying installations will receive an incentive of $200. 00 per unit installed, up to 50% of total project cost.