Forging a Path Towards Carbon Reduction Standards

In 2019, Governor Inslee signed the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) into law, committing Washington to providing electricity free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. CETA includes provisions for affordability and reliability to help ensure all customers benefit from the clean energy transformation.

Learn more about how we are working to meet carbon reduction standards and more about CETA by visiting our dedicated CETA webpage.

For more information, check out our downloadable CEIP factsheet.

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About the CEIP

The Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) is a four-year roadmap that will guide Clark Public Utilities’ clean energy actions, programs and investments for the defined four-year period of 2022 – 2025. It’s an important part of our energy planning efforts to meet the goals of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA).

The goal of the CEIP is to develop an implementation plan of specific actions to be taken over the next four years to track progress being made toward meeting clean energy goals. The CEIP is also a tool that defines and demonstrates how our customers are benefitting from the transition to clean energy through:

  • Equitable distribution of energy and non-energy benefits and reduction of burdens to named communities
  • Long-term and short-term public health and environmental benefits
  • Energy security and resiliency

Fast Facts

  • Four-year planning report required for all Washington utilities under CETA
  • Used to define and track results of public participation process
  • Ties to the utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and identifies specific data related to several key topics, including non-emitting resource targets, conservation targets and demand response targets

Reporting Documents

2022 – 2025 Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) Summary Report PDF file (updated July 2023 to include 2026 forecast data in Appendix A)

2022 – 2025 Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) Reporting Template (adopted and approved Dec. 21, 2021) Excel file

Related documentation and reports can be found on our Integrated Resource Plan page


Submitted comments, questions and responses

Important Dates

August – October 2021:

  • Initiate public participation process​
  • Develop customer benefit indicators​
  • Define vulnerable populations​
  • Identify highly impacted communities​

November 2021:

  • Draft CEIP posted to CEIP webpage
  • Public comment period on draft CEIP ​begins November 2, 2021

December 2021:

  • Public comment period on draft CEIP concludes December 3, 2021
  • CEIP review and applicable revisions based on customer feedback​
  • Final CEIP presented to Board for adoption
    • CEIP adopted and approved December 21, 2021

January 2022:

  • Submit CEIP template to Commerce and post final versions of all documentation on CEIP webpage​

We Want to Hear From You!

The public comment period for the 2022 – 2025 draft CEIP is now closed. Any further comments received regarding the CEIP will be considered for future planning.

Members of the public that wish to make comments around the CEIP or any other subject are always welcome to attend a public meeting of the Board of Commissioners at any time.