About the Home Energy Report

A Home Energy Report is a quarterly report that provides valuable energy consumption information regarding your household. The reports compare the energy consumption of your home to 100 similar homes in an effort to make you a better informed consumer of electricity. The reports also include tips for conserving electricity at your home and offers information related to the utility’s energy conservation rebate programs. Clark Public Utilities has been offering the Home Energy Report program to a subset of their residential customers since 2012. Over the last nine years the program has evolved and grown and the reports are now being sent to 40,000 Clark County residents.

Purpose of the Home Energy Report

Clark Public Utilities is able to capture energy conservation savings through this program because the reports influence participating households to make small behavior changes that result in reduced electricity consumption. Small actions, like turning off lights when leaving a room or notching down the settings on their thermostat, result in big savings when aggregated over 40,000 households. Customers participating in the program always have the ability to opt out if they feel the reports are not right for them, simply call Clark Public Utilities at (360) 992-3000 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to discuss the program with you and remove you from the program if that’s your desire. That said, we think you’ll find value by participating in the program and encourage you to give us a call to learn more if you do have concerns.

Customers can update their home profile, review energy savings tips and explore online applications using the customer web portal.

If you have any questions on the Home Energy Report, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 360-992-3000.

Home Energy Report Example:

Frequently Asked Questions

How was I selected to be a part of this program?
Your home was selected through a random subset of over 190,000 eligible residential customers and is one of 40,000 Clark County households receiving the reports.

Why is Clark Public Utilities sending me this report?
Clark Public Utilities is sending you this report in an effort to help you become more aware of how you consume of electricity. The savings from this program help Clark Public Utilities meet WA State mandated energy conservation savings targets.

Who are the similar homes I’m being compared to?
The program compares your home to homes that are similar in size, geographic location, heating system, occupants and year built. All homes are Clark Public Utilities customers.

Is this program valuable to Clark Public Utilities?
The HER program has proven to be a cost effective and reliable approach to energy conservation and one of our most cost effective residential programs.

How do you gather the data to generate the profile of my home – can the information be inaccurate?
The program uses publicly available data to create your home’s profile. We can update your home profile to correct any inaccurate information or you can do the update at your convenience online using the customer web portal.

Are you sharing my information with the other program participants?
No, all of your data is kept completely anonymous. Clark Public Utilities operates under strict data privacy laws set by the State of Washington.

How can “efficient similar homes” use so much less electricity than me?
The most efficient homes have likely made efficiency upgrades at their home, Clark Public Utilities has several programs to assist customer upgrades around heat pumps, windows, insulation and more.

Do the “similar home” comparisons take into account cold-snaps and heat-waves?
Yes, all of the comparisons and analysis within the reports are weather adjusted.