How Our Guarantee of Service Plan (GOSP) Can Help

If you’ve fallen behind on your energy bills, the Guarantee of Service Plan can get you back on track. Our goal is to help you eliminate built-up debt, reduce anxiety about past and future payments, and make energy bills a manageable part of your budget. If you qualify for GOSP, we’ll meet with you to set a maximum monthly amount you can afford to pay based on your income, and, in some cases, electricity use. Customers in this program are exempt from paying late charges for energy service. After successful completion of the program, any remaining account balance is forgiven.

Who qualifies for GOSP?

Eligibility for GOSP is based on household income and the person applying for GOSP must be listed on an active Clark Public Utilities account.

Check the low-income requirements below to see if you may qualify for GOSP assistance. This table shows the maximum monthly income you may receive and still qualify. Wages are calculated at 80 percent of gross.

Number in householdGOSP

*For households greater than 16, please contact us.

When Calculating Monthly Income

  • Child support/alimony payments received must be included in total monthly income.
  • If you pay child support or alimony, you may deduct those payments to reduce your net monthly income for GOSP.

Effective 10/1/15

How to Apply
Just call us at 360-992-3000, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our customer service representatives will help you find out if you meet the basic requirements for financial assistance with your bill. If you do, we’ll set up an appointment to determine your eligibility for GOSP plus other utility and community assistance programs.
Note: At your eligibility appointment, you must provide proof of all household income for the previous four months; social security cards for all household members (adults and children); and a fuel bill showing your home address.

Call 360-992-3000 to learn more about GOSP and apply for assistance.