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Hundreds of students from local elementary, middle and high schools participate in the Solar Car Challenge. Held every spring, teams of students race custom built hybrid solar cars, testing their knowledge of renewable energy and engineering.

The much anticipated return of the Solar Car Challenge is set for March 11, 2023! Get your students registered for this excellent hands-on academic engineering competition. If you want to take on research and development at home, several options are provided on the At Home Research and Development page to guide in purchasing an official race kit, or other solar car kits. A kit is not necessary for research and development, some of the best designers and engineers have used items found in their own homes. Take a look around… do you have popsicle sticks? Pipe cleaners? LEGO? What kind of vehicle can you build with recycled, upcycled and found items?

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About the Solar Car Challenge

Clark Public Utilities invests in education through events and partnerships with school districts across Clark County.

Annually, the utility hosts the Solar Car Challenge for elementary, middle and high school students. Every year, hundreds of students from local schools participate in months of engineering and design work, culminating in the construction of a working, custom-built hybrid solar and battery powered car. At the Solar Car Challenge, teams compete in an academic tournament, that includes evaluation of the student’s design and engineering process, understanding of renewable energy principles and , of course, a day-long, multi-heat race of solar cars.

The program is funded by voluntary contributions to the utility’s Green Lights program. For as little as $1 a month, customers of Clark Public Utilities can help support development of renewable energy and local educational opportunities.

Here’s a look at the 2019 Solar Car Challenge.

Education at the Forefront

  • Solar Car Challenge is funded by voluntary contributions to Clark Public Utilities Green Lights Program
  • Teams of students design, build, and race solar hybrid model cars
  • Schools from all districts from across Clark County are invited to participate
  • Educators are provided solar car kits and classroom curriculum to help facilitate the endeavor
  • Event held in partnership with CE – Clean Energy. Bright Futures.

The 2023 Solar Car Challenge was a success! Check out a full list of winners:


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