Powering Local Education

Hundreds of students from local elementary, middle, and high schools participate in the Solar Car Challenge. Held every spring, teams of students race custom build hybrid solar cars, testing their knowledge of renewable energy and engineering.

Green Lights

Upcoming Workshops

Teachers who want to participate in the Solar Car Challenge can sign up for the Teacher Clinic to prepare for the event. Teachers will receive a Judging Guide and an Activity Guide to help prepare students. Event Details

About the Solar Car Challenge

  • Teams of students design, build, and race solar hybrid model cars
  • School Districts from across Clark County are invited to participate
  • Event held in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation
  • Challenge is funded by voluntary contributions to Clark Public Utilities Green Lights Program.

Support the Solar Car Challenge through Green Lights

A portion of Green Lights purchases are devoted to projects right here in Clark County, including solar installations on local schools and businesses, and renewable energy educational resources for students and teachers.

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