June 2021 Update

The brutal heatwave that settled over our area this weekend was an unprecedented event for people and animals across our region. The resident osprey pair, featured in our popular Osprey Watch live stream, sadly lost their two chicks to the extreme temperatures early this week. We know that seeing the reality of nature can be upsetting for some so we’ve turned off the live stream to the public while nature runs its course.

While this year was a difficult outcome, osprey are wild animals and we are hands-off observers. Even when nature doesn’t have the happy ending we hope for. The good news is the adult osprey appear to be getting by alright, in spite of the heat. They’ve been seen coming and going from the nest and occasionally eating fish throughout recent days.


When will the public live stream be back?

We’ll keep a close eye on the nest internally and hope to resume the public feed soon.

Why did you turn off the live stream?

We switched the livestream to private to spare viewers from the sadder side of nature and in consideration of young viewers and those that may be more sensitive to the outcome.

Could you have done something to save them?

We set up the camera to be hands-off observers only. Not interfering and letting nature run its course is the right thing to do for the osprey, no matter how difficult it may be to watch.

What about the adults? Will they be back?

While we don’t know for sure, osprey pairs typically mate for life and often return to their original nesting sites so we’re hopeful!