Get to Know Our Green Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles covers more than 1.5 million miles in an average year. So using environmentally friendly vehicles and energy sources is important to us. Over time we’ve been switching to more fuel-efficient vehicles to conserve fuel, reduce emissions and lower operation and maintenance costs.


Our Green Fleet Transition

  • Purchase of first hybrid vehicle in 2000
  • Conversion to ultra-low sulfur diesel in 2006
  • Purchase of seven additional hybrid vehicles in 2006-2007 for a total of eight hybrids Transition to a B5 blend of biodiesel in 2007
  • Transition to low ash engine oils in 2007
  • First Nissan LEAF electric car added to the fleet in 2011
  • Full transition to biodiesel fuel in 2016
  • Today our green fleet includes more than 30 hybrid vehicles and two full electric cars

We’ve Increased Sustainable Practices by:

  • Reducing gasoline engines from eight-cylinder engines to six-cylinder engines where possible
  • Purchasing and using smaller vehicles where possible
  • Increasing use of hybrid vehicles where work methods and environment allow
  • Performing in-house research and development of auxiliary power units that can be used on heavy line trucks to eliminate engine idling
  • Participating in the research and development of a hybrid “first response” trouble truck that can be used in daily line operations
  • Evaluating and transitioning to increasingly clean biodiesel fuel blends
  • Increasing use of internal motor pool vehicles