Protecting Supply Wells and Salmon

To effectively protect our supply of high quality drinking water, we work to maintain and improve both the quality and quantity of our water resources.

For example, we have undertaken an extensive, long-term rehabilitation of the Salmon Creek basin, where most of our supply wells are located. We work with local property owners and government agencies to improve the water in the creek and its tributaries. Since this program began in 1990, our employees and members of the public have:

  • Planted more than 500,000 trees to improve shoreline habitat
  • Built more than 68,000 feet of streamside fencing to keep livestock away from the stream
  • Reared and released more than 350,000 steelhead and trout

Our Salmon Creek Program is a model in the state. In 2001, Clark County presented one of its first Sammy awards, which recognizes outstanding efforts to protect salmon, to Clark Public Utilities.