Education and Outreach Specialist

The Education and Outreach Specialist will be a part of the largest Earth Day event in Southwest Washington, Make a Difference Day, Stream Stewards, and various volunteer-driven restoration events. Outreach is the core of our StreamTeam Program. By increasing awareness of the issues facing our environment, we can promote community involvement in restoration.

Duties may include: implementing educational activities, teaching the water cycle and other environmental topics to 4th and 5th grade students, facilitating educational workshops for adults, helping organize StreamTeam’s county wide Earth Day Festival , writing newsletter articles, and implementing watershed restoration. This position will serve closely with the StreamTeam Program Coordinator to implement outreach and volunteer activities, with many activities occurring on Saturdays. Approximately 10-30% of time will be spent in the field. This position is a great opportunity for someone interested in education, community outreach, and restoration.

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Restoration Event Coordinator

The Restoration Events Coordinator will assist in planning and executing restoration throughout the year and educating the community through the largest Earth Day event in Southwest Washington, a unique environmentally-themed Home & Garden Idea Fair display, and our Make a Difference Day celebration, as well as numerous other community events. This position will involve restoration techniques ranging from planting and maintaining trees to controlling non-native plants, and, in turn, leading volunteers in these activities, many of which occur on Saturdays. Additionally, the member will train volunteers to be team leads on our planting projects.

The member will engage in a variety of the following: restoration event planning and implementation, site preparation, volunteer recruitment, newsletter preparation, educational outreach, and volunteer database maintenance. Approximately 40-60% of time will be spent in the field fulfilling watershed restoration projects and controlling non-native plants. This position is a great opportunity for someone interested in restoration and volunteer coordination.

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Native and Invasive Plant Specialist

This position supports both the riparian restoration and the Eradication Nation program, focused on controlling Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plants in the Salmon Creek and Lewis River watersheds. Native plant nursery support will make up about 25-35% of the member’s time and includes plant inventory and organization, propagation and potting, managing volunteer potting, irrigation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) both in the nursery and in the field. This member will obtain a Pesticide Applicator License through the WSDA. The invasive species program duties will make up over half of the member’s time and will include surveys, monitoring and treatment using IPM, leading volunteer survey and treatment, handling GIS data, education and outreach activities such as attending local festivals, giving presentations to the community and communicating with landowners. Other restoration duties include, tree planting and maintenance, monitoring, volunteer recruitment and management.

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Restoration Specialist

This position focuses on riparian restoration and monitoring. Approximately 25% of this member’s time is spent on activities related to planting and maintaining trees and providing logistical support for volunteers and contract crews at project sites. The monitoring portion comprises about 25% of the member’s time. The monitoring program helps us to better understand the efficacy of restoration projects as well as to engage volunteers in the study of stream health. Duties include: monitoring plant survival, understory and water quality as well as providing technical assistance to contract crews, tool/equipment maintenance and inventory, site maintenance (invasives control), and tree planting. 50% of the member’s time will be spent on other activities, including potting, weeding and watering in the native plant nursery, preparing tree protectors, leading volunteers and educational/outreach related activities. This member will perform many physical tasks in adverse weather conditions.

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