SMARTlogger Uses:

  • Monitor Energy Loads such as lights, motors, computers, and any appliances with a cord for quick answers to peak impact questions
  • Measurement and Verification Studies to first establish a baseline consumption figure then evaluate retrofits in order to meet utility mandates, take advantage of rebate programs, or substantiate savings and payback schedules.
  • Demand Profiling and Trending to determine demand profiles and forecast energy use.
  • Compile load profiles, run-time graphs, and kWh calculation, and time-series analysis.

Description of SMARTloggers:

  • The SMARTlogger Time-of-Use data loggers are designed to monitor the on- off status and total time-of-use data. SMARTloggers provide the operating schedule for energy-consuming devices or systems. Models are available for lighting systems (TOUL-4G), motor loads (TOUM-4G), switches and relays (TOUC-4G), or virtually any electric load generating at least .25 amps (TOUCT- 4G).
  • Powered by a user-replaceable coin cell battery, professional installation is not required to use these small, robust loggers. No electrical connections are required to power the logger.
  • Up to 32,000 records are stored in internal memory. Data can be downloaded to a PC using SMARTware software and a USB communication cable (purchase here: SMART-COM-CBL). One cable is required to connect the logger to a PC.
  • Each SMARTlogger provides powerful data for superior energy management

About the SMARTloggers:

  • Storage capacity of over 32,000 records and ring memory – record for months or years.
  • Measures total on-time and on/off transitions of almost any device. Use with lights, motors, gas valves, and more!
  • Instantly see what your logger has recorded. All SMARTloggers come with a 5-digit LCD showing the on-time and percent-on.
  • SMARTware Windows- based software package for easy data retrieval and analysis, including kWh calculations, total on-time rate schedule graphs and summaries, load profile graphs, summary statistics and time series analysis. (physical copy old separately – or can be downloaded here)
  • Easy importing/exporting of CSV data files for use with Microsoft Excel and other popular programs.
  • Adjustability…LIGHTINGlogger is adjustable to various levels while the MAGlogger is adjustable to above 40 mGauss, and the CTlogger to above .25 amp. (CONTACTlogger utilizes dry contacts.)
  • Non-intrusive attachment using powerful rare earth magnets, Velcro strips, or mounting hole. Easily secured out of sight.
  • Compact and tough; made of heavy plastic, only 2.5″ x 1.5″ x .75″ (6.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 cm) and weighing only 1.5 ounces (40 gm) 

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