Why Use Energy Star Portfolio Manager?

Energy Star® Portfolio Manager is an interactive, web-based energy management tool. More than 40 percent of U.S. building space is benchmarked through Portfolio Manager. Using the tool, property owners and facilities managers across the country are setting baselines and identifying buildings to target for savings.

Portfolio Manager will help you track more than 100 different metrics and set goals to save energy, water and money. Using the tool you can easily:

  • Monitor energy and water use
  • Track greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assess energy management goals over time
  • Identify strategic opportunities to cut waste and boost your bottom line
  • Evaluate eligibility to earn Energy Star recognition

How It Works

After creating a Portfolio Manager account, establishing a connection and sharing your property/meter data, Clark Public Utilities will help you save time and resources by automatically uploading the last 12 months of the building’s energy and water (if applicable) consumption along with cost data into your account via a data exchange with Portfolio Manager.

To Start Using Portfolio Manager:

  1. Learn more about Energy Star® Portfolio Manager.
  2. Read our Terms and Conditions.
  3. Refer to the Space Type Definitions for guidance on required data by space type.
  4. Refer to Clark Public Utilities’ Step By Step Guide to set up your Portfolio Manager account, create a facility profile for your properties, and send a connection request to Clark Public Utilities.
  5. Download and save a copy of the Consumption Request Form as well as Attachment A. Complete both forms and return to Clark Public Utilities at [email protected]. You’ll need to collect ALL account numbers, meter numbers and meter names (as shown in Portfolio Manager) within the buildings you wish to benchmark. If there is only one tenant in the building, you’ll need that tenant’s signature in order for Clark Public Utilities to release energy data. Clark Public Utilities will not accept your connection request until the Consumption Request Form has been received with complete data.
  6. Once Clark Public Utilities accepts the connection request, send a request to share desired properties with Clark Public Utilities. Select “Exchange Data” as the access level. Follow prompts to choose specific properties and/or meters that will be part of the data exchange.
  7. Once Clark Public Utilities accepts your share request, log in to your Portfolio Manager account and review your building’s data. It will be available within 10 business days of us receiving your share request.
  8. After the first upload, we will automatically update your meter data by the 5th business day of each month.

Need More Help?

These Energy Star® Trainer videos (3-5 minutes) can help you get started quickly:


For questions related to Energy Star® Portfolio Manager, check their FAQ and Help, which you can access from the link at the top right corner of any screen in Portfolio Manager. For additional assistance, contact [email protected].

For questions regarding our Data Exchange with Portfolio Manager, e-mail your information and phone number to [email protected] and a Clark Public Utilities representative will contact you.