Requirements and Specifications

  • This measure applies to retrofits only.
  • This measure is available for the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Pre conditions:
The new VRF system is installed in a building with the following characteristics:

  • The space is conditioned by zonal or forced-air, electric-resistance heat as the primary heating source. No other heating sources are eligible.

Post conditions:
The installed VRF system must:

  • Have an AHRI certification of product rating.
  • Meet BPA’s efficiency requirements for both heating and cooling.  Contact Bill Hibbs at (360) 992-3340 for more information.

The installed VRF system is eligible even if it operates in tandem with a ventilation system that uses any fuel for heating ventilation air.

Qualifying installations will receive an incentive of $1,000.00 per ton, up to 70% of total project cost.

Steps to Participation:

Please submit the following documents to [email protected]: