Requirements and Specifications

This measure is available for retrofits only.

Pre conditions:
The new VRF system must be installed in a building with the following characteristics:

  • An existing building that has either been occupied for at least one year and didn’t change building use type OR is an existing building with electricity use data available for the previous year.
    100,000 square feet or less conditioned building area,
  • The area conditioned by the new VRF system needs to have previously been heated by either zonal or forced air, electric-resistance heat as the primary heating source. Buildings heated by air-source heat pumps or gas are not eligible.

Post conditions:
VRF systems installed must meet the following requirements:

  • A split-system heat pump employing an inverter driven outdoor compressor,
  • Inverter-driven or variable-speed indoor blowers, and
  • A minimum CEE Tier 1 efficiency level.

Qualifying installations will receive an incentive of $800.00 per ton, up to 50% of total project cost.