Requirements and Specifications

This measure is for retrofits only.

Pre conditions:
Qualifying applications have the following characteristics:

  • The area conditioned by the DHP is heated by either zonal or forced air electric resistance heat as the primary system (gas not eligible), and
  • The space conditioned by the DHP is not conditioned by an air source, ground source or ductless heat pump.

Post conditions:
Installed Ductless Heat Pumps must all of the following features:

  • A split system heat pump employing an inverter driven outdoor compressor,
  • Inverter driven or variable speed indoor blowers, and
  • Rated with a minimum of 9.0 HSPF (for single head systems)and 8.0 HSPF (for multi-head systems).
  • Only products listed on the BPA Qualified Products List will qualify for incentives.

Qualifying installations will receive an incentive of $750. 00 per ton of unit installed, up to 50% of total project cost.