Requirements & Specifications

This measure applies to retrofits only.

Pre conditions:
Qualifying ARC retrofit applications have the following characteristics:

  • Heating type is electric or gas.

Existing RTU has the following characteristics:

  • Greater than 5 tons of cooling capacity,
  • Is a unitary system (split-systems are not eligible), and
  • A constant speed supply fan (RTUs with variable speed fans are not eligible).

Post conditions:

Both Full ARC and ARC-Lite retrofits must add one of the following equipment options to the existing RTU:

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or
  • A multi-speed motor and controller for multi-speed fan operation.

The Full ARC Retrofit applications must additionally include a controller with both of the following capabilities:

  • Digital, integrated economizer control, and
  • Web-enabled control, monitoring, and alarms.

Qualifying installations will receive an incentive as follows:

Measure CategoryOccupied Hours Per YearPayment Per Ton
ARC Retrofit - Full2,000-4,000
ARC Retrofit - Lite2,000-4,000