The current cost of installing temporary unmetered electric service, commonly called a BDR, for building a new home is $210 for the first six-month period. If the BDR remains longer than six months, an additional $160.00 will be automatically charged. If you are also building at an adjacent lot and want the BDR to remain for work done on the adjacent lot, an additional $160.00 will be charged for that lot.

Please note that the use of BDRs is limited to residential construction needs (not for wells, trailers, or any other domestic needs).  Construction of large homes that need higher levels of power during construction, or homes taking longer than one year to build, will require a metered temporary service.

All requests for BDR service will require an address and appropriate billing information for the responsible billing party. Please note that we do not write service request orders from electrical inspection reports without receiving a customer call. We can be reached during business hours at 360-992-8558.

Upon connection of the permanent electric service, the BDR will be removed, (unless we have instructions to leave it for the adjacent lot in a subdivision).