A work request (job) for electric service must be in place before requesting service line inspections. The builder can submit a new residential electric service request by  calling or emailing construction services at 360 992 8558, [email protected] to initiate the job request for service(s). Please verify with the builder that a request for electric service has been requested ahead of requesting service line inspections.

Service line inspection requests will typically be performed within 3 business days, if a re-inspection is needed due to a correction, please confirm all corrections have been made prior to submitting a request for a re-inspection.

When service line inspections pass, an approval sticker will be left on site. If failed, a correction notice will be left on site (see example below) if the Design Inspector is unable to reach the requestor directly.

If the locations you are requesting electric service for are not yet addressed, please wait until a permanent address is assigned to request electric service, as well as service line inspections.

Use this web form to request service line inspections, or contact construction services: [email protected], 360 992 8558 (Monday – Friday, 7am to 4pm).


Conduit Run: 3” schedule 40 PVC
Trench: minimum 27” to bottom, 24” to top (30” preferred)
Downpipe/Service Entrance: 2.5” conduit accepted for 200 amp and only 3” conduit for 400 amp
Wire: 4/0 triplex urd for 200 amp or 350 mcm triplex urd for 320 amp

The Washington department of labor and industries or city of Vancouver will inspect the meter base, service entrance (down pipe/conduit attached to house wall) and electric equipment beyond the meter base into the structure.

LNI or COV will also inspect metered temporary electric services installed for building: meter base, post, trench and wire.

Electric service connection and meter set will typically occur within 2-5 business days from last required inspection, service wire (CPU inspects) and meter base (LNI or COV inspects).

New Residential Electric Service Line Inspection Request

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