February 2023

Help StreamTeam Bring Salmon Back to Salmon Creek

StreamTeam, Clark Public Utilities’ watershed restoration program has worked hard for decades to create healthy salmon habitat in Clark County.

Every year, more than 1,000 community members donate over 3,500 hours to restore local watersheds with the StreamTeam. Our StreamTeam members include utility employees, Stream Stewards, AmeriCorps members, scout groups, college students, youth groups and many other dedicated individuals.

StreamTeam hosts volunteer events throughout the year for all ages and abilities. Learn more about the program at StreamTeam.net and view the event calendar to join StreamTeam in protecting and restoring healthy habitat in Clark County.

Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives Increased

While most home owners will wait to replace a water heater until the old one stops working, it can pay to plan ahead.

Heating water is one of the largest drivers behind your monthly electric bill. While a traditional 50-gallon electric water heater might cost between $400 and $600 a year to operate, a heat pump water heater can cost about half as much.

Clark Public Utilities wants to help customers save money and live comfortably. This year, the Heat Pump Water Heater rebate has increased to $700, up $200 from last year.

Certain qualifications must be met in order to receive a rebate. For help determining if a HPWH is right for your home, and to learn more about rebate qualifications, call an energy counselor at 360-992-3355 or visit the HPWH program page on our website.

Prevent Electrical Fires at Home

Reduce fire risk at home with these electrical safety tips:

Avoid overloading circuits, only plug space heaters or other high-power devices directly into wall sockets, and make sure extension cords are free of damage and the correct rating and size.

Also, never run cords under rugs, through doorways or behind movable furniture.

Examine cords, sockets and light switches for breaks, frays, exposed wires, discoloration or increased heat. If there’s anything unusual, stop use right away.

Protect your home with working smoke alarms and at least one fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires.

Stop Mold Before it Starts

Winter is the ideal season for mold and mildew to flourish. Untreated growth can become a serious safety hazard and cause significant damage requiring costly repairs.

Catch mold before it grows by paying special attention to the places it tends to grow. Cool, damp and poorly circulated areas are the most common spots — specifically around doors and windows, behind furniture or in rooms with poor air flow.

Here’s how to prevent mold from taking hold:

  • Circulate warm air throughout your home, fans are helpful
  • Always use exhaust fans when cooking, bathing or doing laundry
  • Fix water leaks immediately
  • Vent clothes dryers outside the home
  • Wipe condensation away from windows and doors
  • Avoid overwatering houseplants
  • Keep walls and windows free of dust and dirt
  • Use a dehumidifier where humidity is stubbornly high

Mold is easily treated, when caught early. But if you have areas with large amounts of mold or where it has penetrated walls or floors, it’s best to call a professional for safe removal.

Signs of a Scam

Scammers often pretend to be utility companies to steal from victims. Be sure you and your loved ones know how to spot the red flags.

Scammers can make the caller ID say “Clark Public Utilities” and will talk like a customer service representative, using publicly available information like your home address or phone number, to sound legitimate before threatening to disconnect, power and demanding immediate payment.

These calls can be very convincing but it’s a scam. Clark Public Utilities will never demand immediate payment under threat of disconnection. Customer Service Representatives will never ask for payment by gift card, or smartphone apps like Zelle, Cash App or Venmo. They will never treat you rudely or impatiently.

Be cautious when contacted by someone claiming to be from the utility — even if the caller ID shows a Clark Public Utilities number. If you have any doubts, trust your instincts. Hang up and call our Customer Service department at 360-992-3000 to verify the contact.

If someone approaches you claiming to be a utility employee, ask for identification. If it seems questionable, call Customer Service to confirm the person is an employee. A utility employee will not be offended because you want to be cautious.