October 2019

New Look for Utility Bill Alerts

We’re updating our notifications system! Starting next month, your Clark Public Utilities billing notifications will look a bit different, and new features are available to manage your subscriptions. Here are a couple changes to note:

  • Email notifications will now come from notifications@clarkpud.com, so please add this address to your safe senders in your email platform. As an improvement to our prior notices, this is now a monitored email inbox so you can reply with account questions and a customer service representative will respond!
  • New emails will show both the current amount due and the bill amount, which can be different for customers signed up for EqualPay or those with a credit balance.
  • Text message alerts are also available, and you can now use MyAccount to sign up for specific types of notifications and set blackout periods during the day to delay delivery of emails or texts.

To make changes to your email or text message preferences, visit MyAccount and click on “Notifications” on the left sidebar to review your billing notices, sign up for new outage alerts, and update your future preferences.

Weatherization Rebates Doubled for a Limited Time

Winter is just around the corner. Make sure your electrically heated home is in peak form and ready for the long cold days ahead by taking advantage of significantly increased home weatherization incentives today.

For a limited time, Clark Public Utilities has doubled home weatherization rebate amounts for home insulation upgrades and window replacements.

Weatherization fortifies a house against outdoor conditions by sealing off air leaks, improving insulation, upgrading windows, sealing HVAC ducts and more. A home weatherization contractor will suggest a plan to fi t your home’s needs.

Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the typical home’s utility bills. Homes built before 1990 typically have lower quality doors and windows, much less insulation and suffer more air leaks than newer homes.
Weatherization can noticeably reduce utility bills and improve personal comfort throughout the year.

To qualify for incentives, the weatherization work must be done by a contractor in the utility’s Contractor Network. Clark Public Utilities requires participating companies to be well-versed in its rebates and incentive programs, maintain all necessary licenses, bonds, insurance and any professional certifications they may need, and meet the utility’s high customer service standards.

When it’s time to apply for the incentive, the contractor handles all the paperwork—all the customer has to do is sign. For questions or more information, contact a Clark Public Utilities energy counselor at 360-992-3355 or ecod@clarkpud.com.

Follow Us Online!

Social media is an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family. But did you know it’s also a great source for the latest information about Clark Public Utilities? Look us up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor next time you’re online.

We regularly use those platforms to inform customers on a variety of topics. Whether you want to get updates on weather and outages, learn more about volunteer opportunities, want the latest in utility news, or just like to say hello, these platforms are a great place to start.

Don’t use social media? No problem. Our website, ClarkPublicUtilities.com, is an excellent resource. And if you’d rather talk to a person, we’re always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day.

Tree Trimming Can Prevent Power Outages

The lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest contributes to an unrivaled quality of life enjoyed by all in Clark County. However, all that beauty comes with a few complications, like the occasional tree-caused power outages.

Clark Public Utilities customers enjoy stable, affordable electric service and we work hard to keep it that way, but outages are bound to happen from time to time—especially in remote and rural areas. The powerful storms that move through the region during the fall and winter months can break tree limbs or knock down trees altogether. In fact, trees and tree branches are responsible for half of the outages in Clark County every year.

Clark Public Utilities works to reduce the number and duration of outages customers experience throughout the year. The utility makes significant investments in tree trimming and removal in areas near utility-owned infrastructure.

If you know of or own a tree growing into or around power lines, submit a tree trimming request today. Utility employees regularly respond to customer inquiries about trees that may pose a threat to the electric grid.

To make a request, visit the utility’s website to fill out a tree trimming form. A customer service representative may contact you if more specifics are needed.

Celebrate the Benefits of Public Power

October is Public Power Month across the United States and a time to reflect on and celebrate the many benefits of a nonprofit, customer-owned power supply.

Around the nation, more than 2,000 public power utilities provide electricity to about 50 million people in 49 states. Public power customers enjoy local control, low rates and high reliability that is unparalleled by those served by for-profit, investor-owned utility companies.

Since the day it was established by a vote of the people in 1938, Clark Public Utilities has worked hard to provide reliable, high-quality power at cost. Today, Clark Public Utilities delivers electricity to about 204,000 homes and businesses and water to nearly 34,000 customers throughout the county.

Because the utility is owned by the customers we serve, our focus is always on keeping prices low, reliability high and delivering excellent customer service every day.