September 2021

MyAccount Makes It Easy to Manage Your Utility Account

Looking for a simple and flexible tool to manage your Clark Public Utilities account? Look no further than MyAccount. You don’t have to be a computer wiz to enjoy MyAccount. It’s designed for people of all ages and abilities to use with confidence.

MyAccount puts our customers in total control of their account. You can use it to view bills and schedule payments, sign up for text and email notifications and manage your account with confidence.

Many customers love the simplicity and convenience MyAccount brings to paying their utility bills. They no longer have to write a check or hunt for stamps. With MyAccount they can pay online, schedule automatic payments with AutoPay, have bills emailed to them through paperless billing, and more.

MyAccount is designed to work on a computer, smartphone or tablet; so you can always enjoy full access, whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

If you ever get stuck — whether it’s registering for the service or at any point while using it — a Clark Public Utilities customer service representative is always available to help. Call us anytime at 360-992-3000 or email [email protected]

Call Before You Dig

Whether you’ve got a garden expansion or an outdoor home improvement project in mind, call 811 at least two working days in advance of digging any holes.

One call will notify every local utility to come and locate underground facilities, all free of charge. Property owners don’t have to be on site for locates. Workers will visit your property and mark all utilities with color-coded paint along the lawn and possibly the driveway. The paint is water-soluble and will wash away within two weeks. The paint color corresponds with the utility, such as water, electric or gas.

One quick call could save a life, prevent serious injury or avoid costly property damage.

Prepare Your Home for Outages

Storm season is just around the corner in Southwest Washington, making the next few weeks the ideal time to get ready for its arrival.

We work all year long to keep outages at a minimum, but they still happen from time to time. That’s why it’s wise to have a plan and an emergency kit ready for when the lights go out.

Building a kit is surprisingly easy, just remember to include a few basics:

  • Flashlights for everyone in the family, and maybe a few more
  • Extra batteries and a battery pack for electronic devices
  • Drinking water for everyone in the home, one gallon per person, per day for at least three days
  • Nonperishable food
  • A manual can opener
  • A wind up or battery operated radio
  • Medication and hygiene supplies

Store everything in a sturdy container and store it in a place that’s easy to reach. It’s also a good idea to make it a household project. That way everyone knows what’s in it, where it’s stored and what to do from the moment the lights go out to the instant they come back on.

For more information or ideas on building your kit, visit our website or visit the American Red Cross’s website,

Call PowerLine to Help Restore Power Quickly

When an outage strikes, customer reports are a crucial tool for helping us restore service in the community. If an outage happens in your neighborhood, call the automated PowerLine at 360-992-8000 or use the reporting tool on our website to let us know.

The more outage reports we receive, the faster crews can pinpoint and repair the issue. PowerLine callers also receive the latest information on outages.

To ensure PowerLine works for your household, make sure we have the correct phone number for your account. That way, when you report an outage, we’ll be sure to know it’s your house or neighborhood that needs service.

You can also report and view outages at our website. MyAccount users can also subscribe for text or email outage notifications. Log in today to sign up.