November 2022

Convenient Payment Options and Assistance Available

Clark Public Utilities rates haven’t changed since 2011, but extreme weather events, changes in lifestyle and shifts in household appliances or systems can increase energy use and result in higher electric and water bills. Making monthly utility payments can be easy, predictable and convenient, with simple ways to manage your account anytime. And for customers struggling financially, payment assistance and flexible arrangements are available — our Customer Service team can help!

MyAccount makes it easy to access your utility account, anytime. This online, mobile-responsive platform offers ways to make utility payments a predictable part of monthly household expenses. In MyAccount, you can make online payments, set up EqualPay for even payments month to month based on prior use, and have payments deducted automatically from a checking account or card with AutoPay. MyAccount also offers ways to customize outage and billing text and email notifications, go paperless, and find tools to monitor energy usage, reduce waste and lower your bill. Need help getting started? Give us a call!

Limited-Income Payment Assistance is available for customers struggling to pay monthly bills. The Community Care team, ComCare for short, helps limited-income households and customers experiencing financial crisis with payment assistance programs. Several programs are available to customers in various life stages and financial situations. More information on eligibility requirements and program details are available on our website or by calling customer service.

Payment Arrangements are available to help customers who are struggling to pay monthly bills on time, or in full – contact Customer Service to discuss options. Our representatives are given the flexibility to work with each customer individually to set payment arrangements that fit their circumstances. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and every employee is empowered to help.

Smart Plugs Offer Savings and Security

Smart plugs are great for saving time and energy! These small plugs go between your device and the wall outlet to make any plug-in equipment “smart” and efficient. Smart plugs can be programmed around a schedule or controlled via a smartphone or tablet app to turn devices on and off. Smart plugs can reduce wasted energy from electronics that stay on standby when not in use, and can increase security by turning on lights when no one is home.

Stay Safe and Save With Holiday Decorations

Tis the season for holiday displays and festive décor! For those still using traditional string lights, the first step in increasing safety is switching to LED strands and lighted items. LEDs reduce both heat and energy use. Whether hanging lights, putting up a tree or pulling out a few extra cooking appliances, make sure electrical safety is on the top of your list with these tips:

Outlets — Loose or damaged electrical outlets are dangerous and should be replaced immediately to prevent fire. Connecting too many plugs, strands of lights, or electrical devices to one outlet can increase fire risk or overload the circuit breaker. When plugging in to outdoor outlets, make sure there’s groundfault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection — the two buttons at the center of the outlet — to prevent a shock.

Cords — Extension or appliance cords should always be inspected for damage before use. If a cord is frayed or the insulation is cracked, throw it away and replace it. If an appliance has a damaged cord, see about getting it replaced by a professional. Cord insulation prevents fire and electric shock, so never nail or staple cords to any surface and avoid pulling on cords to unplug a device, grasp the connector instead.

Outdoor Safety — Water and electricity do not mix. Never use electric cords or devices in the rain or on wet ground. If running extension cords, make sure they’re secured and away from any walking areas to prevent tripping hazards. Only use extension cords that are made for the outdoors and have an amperage rating high enough for the intended use. Instead of stapling cords, use clips designed to hold them in place. Shut off light displays when not at home. Always look up when working overhead to avoid power lines when using tools, ladders, or when hanging lights in outdoor trees.

Race for Warmth a Fun Way to Raise Funds

Back in person on Sunday, January 29, the 9th annual Race for Warmth welcomes runners, walkers and strollers of all ages and abilities to hit the course and help local families in need with a donation to Operation Warm Heart. The timed 5k run and 10k walk and run takes more than a thousand racers on a course through downtown Vancouver and the waterfront, with virtual race and “Sleep in to Stay Warm” options available. Registration is open now, so sign up today to make sure your preferred race shirt size is reserved, or make a tax deductible donation to Operation Warm Heart at

Since 1985, Operation Warm Heart has helped Clark Public Utilities customers in financial crisis pay winter heating bills, and every dollar of Race for Warmth registration goes straight to families in need.

2020 Clark Public Utilities Fuel Mix

Hydro: 50.94%
Natural Gas: 29.87 %
Nuclear: 6.52%
Wind: 3.05%
Unspecified* 9.62%
* “Unspecified” is a mix of wholesale market purchases from unspecified generation sources.