May 2024

Free Smart Thermostat With Instant Online Rebate

Clark Public Utilities customers with eligible electric heating systems may qualify for a free or significantly discounted smart thermostat, while supplies last.

Heating and cooling are typically the largest contributors to residential utility bills. Smart thermostats can help reduce those costs and reduce energy waste. They’re easy to use and designed to automatically fit your lifestyle.

Depending on the model, smart thermostats can learn your preferred temperature settings after about a week. Combined with local weather conditions, the thermostat will maintain the home temperature customized to your comfort zone, around the clock. Smart thermostats can even recognize when the house is empty and adjust to reduce wasted energy.

When connected to an app, users can control the temperature remotely and review energy consumption in the home to discover more ways to cut energy waste and lower costs.

Qualifying customers can choose from four smart thermostat options with significant instant rebates at including one at no cost. Shipping is free, just pay the sales tax. Installation is not included but many handy homeowners can self-install. Certain qualifications apply, visit the website for specific details.

Mail-in rebates are also available, if preferred after purchase of a qualifying smart thermostat. For more information, contact the Energy Counselor of the Day at 360-992-3355 or visit the website.

Online Energy Calculators Can Help You Save

Clark Public Utilities offers several free online energy calculators to help customers determine what energy efficiency investments are right for them.

Considering upgrades or replacements for home heating and cooling systems, or appliances? Online energy calculators can help prioritize energy efficiency investments and offer considerations to maximize cost savings over time.

Visit or log in to MyAccount to see what you could save with our energy calculators.

Give Transformers Extra Space

Pad mount transformers, housed in green metal boxes, are crucial links in the system delivering safe and reliable power. But some homeowners are tempted to landscape them from view. While that may improve curb appeal, it’s dangerous and can threaten reliability and outage restoration.

Under the green case is high-voltage equipment moving tremendous amounts of electricity through nearby underground cables. Digging near ground transformers, even with a hand trowel, risks contacting or cutting buried power lines and can cause widespread power outages, serious injury or death.

Treat them like overhead utilities and maintain at least three feet of clearance on all sides at all times.

During an outage or system maintenance, the utility requires unrestricted access to transformer boxes and any surrounding structures or landscaping will be removed so line crews can work safely and quickly.

Kids should also be taught to give transformers space. Transformer boxes may seem like a natural place to sit or use during outdoor games, but all electrical equipment can be dangerous. If an object is caught in utility equipment or lost behind a substation fence, call customer service at 360-992-3000 and an employee will safely retrieve the item.

Osprey Watch

The resident stars of the Clark Public Utilities Osprey Watch reality show have returned to their summer home, and the Osprey Watch live feed on YouTube offers an up-close look into the lives of this pair of protected osprey as they prepare a nest for eggs. Visit to view the action. The camera is live around the clock, and captures many fun moments. But a word of caution: while we hope for the best, our feathered friends are a protected wild species and nature can be harsh and unforgiving. The utility is unable to filter live streaming images in real time and content may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Visit the Osprey Watch page to learn more and keep an eye out for eggs and activity. Now that they’re laying eggs, the annual Guess the Hatching Day contest will offer a chance to win commemorative Osprey Watch 2024 prizes.