August 2019

Stream Stewards Workshops Starting Again

Become a Stream Steward and safeguard Clark County’s vibrant natural habitat. Stream Stewards is a unique opportunity for likeminded people of all ages to learn about fostering a healthier and more sustainable local environment. Stewards attend interactive and engaging training workshops led by local natural resource professionals on topics that include local geology, native plants and wildlife, environmental restoration and more. Classes begin in September and are open to people of many ages and all skills and abilities.

When they’ve completed the training courses, Stream Stewards use the knowledge they learned to support our StreamTeam by leading school presentations on salmon conservation, organizing tree planting groups, combatting invasive knotweed and much more.

The program is popular with active retirees looking for meaningful volunteer work as well as students and community members who are committed to making a difference. The annual cohort of Stream Stewards often continue to volunteer together for several years—they are the core of the StreamTeam volunteer community.

Classes start September 21 and include seven Saturday sessions from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and five Tuesday workshops 6:00 –8:30 p.m. Protecting and restoring Clark County’s wildlife habitat and local watersheds begins with learning about the remarkable world here in our own communities.

Applications are due by September 15. It’s easy to apply online today or contact us at or 360-992-8585 to get involved. Space is limited in the Stream Stewards program, so submit your application today at

MyAccount Makes it Easy

Signing up for MyAccount makes it easy for you to view your bill online, make a one-time payment, or set up monthly automatic payments. Using MyAccount, you can also quickly enroll in these convenient payment options:

Make your monthly bill more predictable! Energy bills can change dramatically from season to season because usage often fluctuates based on weather. With EqualPay, we estimate your annual bill based on past energy use, and divide that amount into equal monthly payments for easier budgeting throughout the year. You’ll never pay for more than you use in a 12 month period.

Paperless Billing
Cut down on clutter and choose to receive your monthly bill by email. View the same paper bill online, pay securely and confidentially and save a stamp!

Clark Public Utilities Celebrates 12 Years In A Row of J.D. Power Recognition

Clark Public Utilities was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Midsize Utilities in the West, Twelve Years in a Row.”

Ensuring consistent electric service for customers requires a dedicated team of employees.

We work hard to ensure your experience with Clark Public Utilities is a positive one, and we take pride in providing you with affordable, reliable service every day.

The J.D. Power study measures customer satisfaction with electric utilities by examining six key factors, which cover all areas of utility operations: power quality and reliability; price; billing and payment; corporate citizenship; communications; and customer service.

All utilities meeting the study criteria are included and your utility has ranked highest in its segment since the first year of eligibility. Annual survey results help identify areas of improvement so we can continue to exceed expectations.

Look for SafeWatch

As kids head back to school, make sure to tell them about the SafeWatch program. SafeWatch logos are placed on hundreds of utility, county and C-Tran vehicles to indicate the driver is a safe person to stop for help. If a person is in need of emergency assistance, flag down a vehicle with the SafeWatch logo by waving arms overhead. Drivers of SafeWatch vehicles often have radios or cell phones they can use to call for help, and some are trained in CPR and first aid. Be sure the whole family knows about this valuable community resource!

Offset Your Carbon Footprint with Green Lights

The utility’s voluntary Green Lights program supports development of regional renewable energy resources and local education. For as little as $1 a month, you can support clean, renewable energy projects in the Pacific Northwest and help offset your carbon footprint through certified renewable energy credits. Green Lights is open to both businesses and individuals – sign up online or give us a call.