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Building and remodeling

Building a new home? Changing or upgrading your current electrical service? Call our Construction Services office at 360-992-8558. We'll assign a residential planner to work with you or your contractor.

Within this section of the website, you will find helpful information related to installing or upgrading an electric service, along with a listing of fees and charges for both electric and water service.

To familiarize yourself with the process you might want to start by reviewing our steps to new residential electrical service and our collection of the most frequently asked questions when installing new residential electric service.Call 811 before you dig

Before you begin any digging at the job site, remember to call before you dig. This free locating service will notify all underground utilities in your area that locates have been requested.

Learn about generating your own power. 
Many customers are interested in installing a solar or wind electric-generating system to help offset their utility bills as well as help the environment. By connecting your generating system directly to Clark Public Utilities’ electric system you can gain credit if your generation exceeds your consumption from the utility.

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