Welcome to the Power Zone!

Hey Parents!

We’re proud to power your home and light up your streets, and because we are a community-owned, nonprofit public utility, we keep YOU at heart of all we do.

To help during this time of home learning, here is a collection of educational (and FUN!) activities designed to be appropriate for a variety of ages and grade-levels. Check back for more as we continue to develop and share resources related to electrical safety, science of electricity, renewable energy, water quality, our local environment and more!

Just for Kids!

With school moved to the virtual world these days, we’re missing seeing you at our local events like the Solar Car Challenge, and our PUD field trips! Luckily, there’s lots to learn about electricity, water, working at a utility and more. Have things you’re curious about? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll continue to share cool projects and activities you can do at home!

What to do When the Power Goes Out

Power outages in Clark County are infrequent and typically do not last long, but occasionally they may. Any outage has the potential to disrupt the online learning experience. Find out how you can be prepared by checking out our Power Outages & Online Learning resource page.