Clark Public Utilities provides water service to over 40,000 homes and businesses in unincorporated Clark County. As a part of our commitment to providing reliable and safe water service to customers living in the Hazel Dell service area now and into the future, the utility has identified a series of system improvement projects to address safety, water capacity availability and to support future population growth in the area.


The 4.3-mile stretch of water main running east-west along NW 99th Street, from NW Lakeshore Ave to NE St. Johns Road is ready for an update. The existing water main consists of a combination of different pipe diameters (including 10in, 16in, 24in) and will be updated to a 30in water main across the full length to provide adequate and reliable service for the growing area. You may recall in recent history there have been some disruptive pipe-breaks along this section. The new 30in main line will increase system reliability and help to minimize future disruptions along this 4.3-mile stretch of NW 99th Street.

Timeline & Status Updates

This project is scheduled to happen in three phases to minimize local impacts. Work is starting mid-July, 2024. We are making every effort to ensure work happening in school-zones occurs mostly during the summer breaks. We’ll update this page with updates or new information. Thanks for your patience as we work!

Questions and comments can be sent to [email protected]

Fast Facts

  • Water main replacement project
  • Improves water system reliability for Hazel Dell area
  • NW 99th Street from Lakeshore Ave to St. Johns