Landowners are part of the plan

As a landowner with a stream on your property, you’re a vital part of the plan to bring salmon back to Salmon Creek.

Salmon Creek is one of the only urban watersheds in the State where water quality has improved in the last decade. And that’s only possible because of our landowner partners who’ve paved the way for salmon to make a comeback in Clark County.

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What’s the problem?

Many years ago, Salmon Creek was home to all major species of salmon. Today, the watershed struggles to support any native fish.

Fortunately there is hope. Through our Salmon Creek Initiative, we work with private landowners to reverse damage to natural habitat that’s happened over the last century. Efforts include:

  • Removing non-native, invasive weeds that choke out beneficial trees and plants
  • Restoring habitat by planting a healthy mix of native plants and trees to prevent erosion and protect the stream
  • Installing livestock fencing to improve water quality for native fish and wildlife
  • Placing large woody debris in and along the stream to stabilize streambanks and provide fish habitat

Grant funding makes it possible to offer these services, including supplies and labor, typically at NO COST to the landowner.

Why do trees matter?

Planting native trees along streambanks and floodplains provides many benefits to wildlife, as well as landowners like yourself. A diverse mix of native trees along your stream and floodplain will:

  • Provide cold, clean water critical for fish
  •  Decrease erosion, which can result in loss of property and decreasing land values
  • Filter pollutants and prevent toxins from reaching the stream and groundwater
  • Protect the stream from animal waste and help keep the stream free of dangerous fecal matter
  • Shade out non-native plants like blackberry and canary grass, which can make streams hard to get to and unattractive
  • Create a foundation for the salmon food chain to provide sustainable support for native wildlife as they return to the watershed

What’s your part?

Our efforts to bring salmon back and restore habitat are only possible with landowner participation. There is no cost to participate and no work will be done without permission from the property owner. But the grant funds are limited so it’s important to get started now!

“Before the StreamTeam work, our stream was choked with canary grass and blackberries. We hadn’t been able to access it for years. Eroding banks filled the stream with sediment and we hadn’t seen salmon for decades. Since the StreamTeam work, we are now able to get to the stream and enjoy the comeback of salmon, birds like Great Blue Herons and even an otter.”

– Bob Darling, Landowner Partner