Monitoring Specialist

Jacqueline Boyer, who goes by Jag, is StreamTeam’s Monitoring Specialist. Jag studied zoology and wildlife ecology, and has done invasive species eradication and endangered species conservation with several different conservation groups in Washington and Oregon. A Texas native, Jag was raised on military bases in many different countries, but has lived in Vancouver off and on throughout the years. Jag enjoys crafts and dog training. Jag’s goal is to work in endangered species conservation with a focus on large mammals in the future.

Restoration Events Coordinator

Kendra Cutler is the StreamTeam Restoration Events Coordinator. A Delaware native, she graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in environmental science. Kendra is excited to start helping with events and meeting StreamTeam’s many wonderful volunteers. Kendra loves seeing the difference we can make when we all work together. She can’t wait to explore all the cool hiking trails around the area. Her other hobbies include running, painting, and yoga. In the future, Kendra plans to go into the Peace Corps to serve and see the world.

Nursery Specialist

Lily Price is StreamTeam’s Nursery Specialist. She’s a California native of the Sacramento Valley. Lilly graduated from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s degree in botany. Before StreamTeam, Lily served in the Arizona Conservation Corps. After a season of building trails and walking amongst the grottoes of Mt. Elden, Lilly was ready to learn as much as she could about native plants. She plans to use that knowledge to open a native plant nursery of her own one day.