BuildingIQ Simplifies Use Analysis

BuildingIQ’s web-based software gives you a clear picture of each individual facility’s energy use. You’ll be able to view your load data in highly intuitive charts and graphs so you can:

  • Optimize operations
  • Identify anomalies
  • Identify peak use hours
  • Compare current operating data with historical information
  • Compare trends using weather data
  • Aggregate summaries of multiple facilities

Compare Cost Over Time

BuildingIQ can help you compare costs before and after projects to determine cost-effectiveness, or make electric cost comparisons from year to year. Charts and graphs can quickly be exported for use in reports and other documents.

Turn Information into Savings

Most of the information you need to take control of your energy costs is hidden deep within your meters. BuildingIQ extracts this information so you can identify the operational and technical corrections that will optimize your energy use. You can also check out BuildingIQ user group meetings online or in person to learn what others have accomplished with this system.

How Is My Data Reported?

BuildingIQ gives you comprehensive access to your electric data, and can:

  • Provide average hourly profiles
  • Provide periodic reports
  • Accommodate load curtailment programs

What Else Should I Know?

  • BuildingIQ is available to monitor electric metered data
  • Indexing is available on airport weather data or customer production data
  • There are no training manuals, learning curves, payments for upgrades, or needs for capital budgeting or hiring outside experts
  • These are simple-to-use software tools, and user support for software or hardware questions is available
  • You can participate in user group meetings online or in person