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High bill checklist

ThermometerIf the daily usage shown on your bill has increased quite a bit over the same time period as last year, you can start to investigate by looking through this list to see if you can spot the cause.

Was the outside temperature markedly colder or warmer requiring more from your heating/cooling system?

Is your heating system in good repair?

  • Filters are clean
  • Heat pump has been serviced annually
  • Ducts are not blocked or have not come apart

If you have a fireplace that doesn't have doors, is the damper closed when you aren't using it? An open flue is like having a 4' window open!

Have you temporarily set up additional space heaters? For example, in

  • Your RV
  • A shop or work area
  • The garage
  • A well house

If you have a hot tub did you heat it up more frequently?

  • Is it well insulated with a good heat-saving lid?
  • Do you turn off the pump? Leaving the circulation pump on continually can cost you around $1.75 a day.

Did you add household members, even temporarily, who used hot water for showers and laundry?

  • A new baby
  • House guests
  • Children home from school
  • Parents

Have you repaired all leaking or dripping faucets?

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