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Fees and charges


(See below for link to water fees)

BDR (Builders' service) - Unmetered temporary service used for building a single-family residence (first 6 months of use)
Metered Temporary Service - Can be used for building a single-family residence, multifamily unit or commercial structure (customer still responsible for monthly consumption)
Current Transformer (CT) Metering - Metering equipment used for electric services 401 amps or greater.
$ Varies
Miscellaneous construction charges - Costs for labor and materials used when equipment is upgraded or changed
$ Varies
Permit fees - Fees for any city, county or state permit secured by the utility, will be added to the customer's construction billing
$ Varies
System Development Charges (based on panel size)  
    Under 100 Amps
    100 Amps
    125 Amps
    200 Amps
    300 Amps
    400 Amps
  • Requests for multifamily or commercial services require review by a Clark Public Utilities design engineer.
  • Service panel changes and upgrades may require payment of the system development charge.
  • System development charges cover costs incurred by the utility to increase the capacity of the existing electric distribution system.


Water installation fees - effective 7/14/15